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An event 108 years in the making is about to take the City of Chicago by storm. The Chicago Cubs, the beloved North Side franchise that has been described as “long suffering” for decades, won the World Series this week and will be bringing the celebration back to the city today. Beginning around 10:00 a.m., a parade will kick off from Wrigley Field and will wind its way south to its terminus at Grant Park, allowing fans to grab a view of the players and the World Series trophy along the way. Chicago officials expect crowds for the parade to be massive and some have estimated that well over one million participants may be lining the roadways.

Today’s parade will be a little different from similar parades celebrating the victories of the Chicago Blackhawks. A major difference is that the entire parade route has not been released by city officials but rather three main areas have been declared as prime viewing spots for the parade and fans are being asked to watch from one of those areas. They are Addison Street from Sheffield Avenue to Pine Grove Avenue, North Michigan Avenue from Oak Street to Ohio Street, and Columbus Drive from Monroe Street to Balbo Avenue.

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Traffic safety does not just affect those who are driving on the roadways in Chicago and elsewhere in our country. Rather, anyone who is on, around, or near a public street may find themselves involved in an accident or other traffic-related incident simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Our city has a high number of and a high percentage of pedestrian foot traffic when compared to other forms of transit particularly in the downtown Loop and areas known for heavy commuting. This leads to countless interactions between pedestrians and cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, buses, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and others every day and an unfortunately number of pedestrian accidents annually.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that more than 150,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency rooms in 2013 for nonfatal injuries following a pedestrian crash and that an additional 4,735 pedestrians lost their lives in such incidents. On average, this means that more than 410 people were hurt every day while walking and that someone died approximately every two hours in that year alone.

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For thousands of kids in the Chicago area, today marks the first day of a new school year. Some are excited and looking forward to meeting their teachers and seeing their friends. Others are dreading the end of summer and the freedom they enjoyed when they did not have to attend class every day. Regardless, though, the Chicago landscape is transitioning today as kids move from a routine of flexibility to one of structure with school at its center.

If you are a parent of a school-aged child, it is a good idea to talk about pedestrian accidents, bicycle collisions, and other injuries to children and minors this week as they are more common in Illinois at the start of a school year. But realize that even if you are not a parent, back-to-school still affects you as the influx of children on city buses, trains, and streets will have an impact on your transit plans.

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Chicago is a city that bursts with activity twelve months of the year. It can be hard to say that any specific time or season is more packed with an event,, than others but thanks in part to Chicago’s great outdoor venues, wonderful summer weather, and cold and snowy winters, now is the time of year when bands flock to the city to play for their loyal fans. In addition to numerous music festivals that take place in the summer, stand-alone concerts are happening at venues as big as Soldier Field and as small as the neighborhood bar you like to visit.

It is great to take advantage of this fun part of calling Chicago home but unfortunately, not everything associated with these concerts can be considered positive. Due to an increase in local traffic and confused motorists, car accidents and pedestrians collisions tend to be more common at and near concert venues in the hours immediately preceding and following a show than they are when a venue remains empty. Often, people who just want to have a good time end up the victims of these accidents and they may suffer from injuries due to the mistakes of another, like a driver who was distracted or was mistaken about the proper path to travel.

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With the advent of mobile technologies, the ability to remain connected to the global world and to one another has increased exponentially, allowing smart phone users and others to access information they want at the touch of finger – whether they are at home, at work, or walking around Chicago. Game developers have taken note over the years and many smart phone-specific games have gained almost a cult following with millions of downloads and people playing and talking about the games constantly.

The newest iteration of this phone-based game mania has arrived in the form of Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game that can be played on both Android and iOS based platforms. Since its release in July of 2016, it became the most downloaded app in the United States in itsfirst three days and it has been downloaded several million times total.

The game itself is free to download and play but there are options for in-game purchases if players choose to make them. Users can hunt the real world for virtual Pokémon who may appear in any spot from a player’s own backyard to an office building, a local cafe, a warehouse, or even on the bus seat next to you. Players can hunt for Pokémon as they go about their normal day’s activities as a smart phone’s GPS capabilities have the player’s account move in the real world as the player’s phone moves. Different types of Pokémon live in different areas of the world so if a player’s goal is to capture as many as possible, that player will have to look in a variety of settings for these virtual creatures.

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How safe are your kids? Sure, you have talked with them about being responsible, acting appropriately, and avoiding any unnecessary risks, but have they heeded your advice? Are you confident that they always act in a manner that you would approve of, even if you are not around?

It probably depends on the ages of your children, but odds are that they make mistakes or lapses in judgment on at least an occasional basis. It is part of being young and learning about the world to test boundaries and see what happens if you break a rule or guideline, and while most of the time it may be harmless, some incidents can have tragic results.

Millions of people walk in and around Chicago every single year, and a large number of them are children. All of these pedestrians face some risks but harm seems to befall the young at a disproportionately large rate, leading many parents to wonder what they can do to make pedestrian safety an issue with their family members and keep their kids protected.

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In Illinois and almost everywhere else in the nation, the laws are clear: if you are involved in a traffic accident, you must remain at the scene. Generally, there are some exceptions to these rules which apply most often in the event that a crash participant needs to seek emergency medical treatment, but in a typical collision, you cannot leave the scene unless and until you are cleared by local authorities.

Despite these laws, there are traffic accidents in Chicago every single week of the year where a driver or another involved in the incident flees the scene, causing what is commonly known as a hit-and-run accident. Those drivers who flee and are later caught may face traffic tickets, criminal charges, fines, fees, the loss of a driver’s license, incarceration in jail or prison, or other punishments if they are found guilty of fleeing, and if a victim is injured or killed in a crash, the punishment is often even worse.

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There are few places like Chicago to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and this year will be no exception. The city-wide party will begin tomorrow morning and run all day, and even Mother Nature looks like she will be participating. The weather forecast currently calls for temperatures in the low 60s but rain is expected as well, so if you will be downtown, consider an umbrella or be prepared to get a little wet.

St. Patrick’s Day is a time to get outside and mingle with others from Chicago, have a good time and perhaps enjoy a green drink or green food. Most of those celebrating will be safe and will not have any issues, but be advised that a small number of people may be injured in accidents tomorrow. Here are some things to keep in mind if you will be in the city so that you can remain as safe as possible:

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It is important to realize that nearly everyone is a pedestrian at some point. Though you might drive to work, take an L train, hop on the Metra, or hail a cab, odds are that you must exit that vehicle and walk at least some distance before you arrive at your location, making you a pedestrian even if it is only for a block or two. In that regard, everyone has a personal stake in pedestrian safety in Chicago as the outcome of any safety initiatives could have a direct effect upon them, their family members, or their friends.

Recently, troubling data has emerged from the Governors Highway Safety Administration which reveals a massive increase in the number of fatal pedestrian accidents in 2015 when compared to those that occurred in 2014. Based upon numbers from the first six months of 2015, the report is able to estimate the total number of deaths among walkers involved in traffic accidents for the year and concludes that 2015 saw a 10 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities.

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The winters in Chicago can be brutal and can lead many to do their best to hibernate, coming out of their homes only for work, school, and food. If you are one of the many residents who survive through winter only because the promise of summer is around the corner, you can rejoice today as the weather forecast calls for warm and sunny conditions.

Today’s high temperature is supposed to reach around 55 degrees Fahrenheit and many will see temperatures in the 50s while on their morning commute. Today will be windy, though, but even with the wind, city officials expect the day to be very pleasant.

The weather today will be more than something to be enjoyed as changes in weather can lead to changes in traffic conditions, and potentially, safety. Case in point, the warm weather is believed to bring out a larger than average number of pedestrians in the downtown Loop area and those pedestrians may be a little less cautious than normal. Drivers should be aware of potential issues with walkers so that pedestrian accidents do not take place.

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