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If a driver is involved in a collision in Chicago, the laws require that motorist to remain at the scene to provide relevant information or until cleared by police officers. Yet despite this, many drivers who find themselves in a crash choose to flee the scene, disregarding the laws and potentially endangering the safety of victims who were hurt in a crash.

The phenomenon of hit-and-run accidents does not extend only to collisions between cars, though, as an increasing number of accidents involving pedestrians involve drivers who flee. The Chicago Tribune analyzed data from accidents involving walkers in a wide expanse of the city between 2005 and 2009 and concluded that one-third of those crashes involved a hit-and-run motorist.

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When two or more people are involved in an accident, the laws in Illinois can be confusing about who is to blame and who is legally responsible for the damage. Making it more complicated is that the fault assigned by a police officer may not be the same as the fault determined in a court of law for the physical and financial damages that flow from that collision, leading many victims to wonder where they stand and whether they have a valid claim.

While any type of incident can be confusing, some of the most puzzling situations arise after a pedestrian accident with a car or other vehicle takes place. The determination of who is at fault will be made based on the totality of the circumstances immediately before and during the impact and it is rare that two crashes will be identical. For that reason, speaking with an experienced attorney or an expert in the field of pedestrian collisions can be helpful to understand your rights under Chicago laws.

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When it comes to making automobiles, there is a heavy emphasis placed on the designers and engineers of these cars to make them safer in the event that a crash takes place. Until recently, though, this focus on safety has involved only the passengers inside of a car that might get hit – there were not design features to address the safety of others. But recent developments have changed all that with new pedestrian detection technologies making their appearances in several modern American vehicles.

Pedestrian detection works in a similar manner to systems like lane departure warnings and front impact alerts. A series of sensors are placed on the outside of a car, truck, or SUV to monitor the surroundings of a vehicle as it operates. However, unlike similar systems, a pedestrian detection device is designed to monitor slow moving, more subtle movements indicative of a person who is walking. Some manufacturers are using radar as part of their detection systems, some are using cameras, and many are using a combination of technologies.

If a pedestrian is detected in the pathway of an oncoming car that is equipped with this technology, a driver will receive either a visual symbol on the car’s dashboard or will hear an audible warning. In some instances, the car may begin to brake automatically.

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Whether you realize it or not, trucks are probably part of your daily life if you call Chicago home. You encounter them when you drive on the expressways that surround the city. You come across them at the intersections of streets while you are waiting to cross. They bring food and goods to the city for purchase by consumers. Trucks are so commonplace that chances are that you do not notice the majority of them that you encounter throughout the day.

Unless you happen to be one of the thousands of victims of a truck accident each year in the State of Illinois. In that case, you know just how dangerous a truck can be when it’s large and heavy build collides with your vehicle, your property, or even your person. Unlike some other types of collisions, truck accidents can, and often do, cause massive devastation in their wake and leave innocent victims in need of medical help.
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If you drive on the streets of Illinois, you have a duty not only to other cars on the roads but also to pedestrians in the area. That duty requires motorists to operate with care and to avoid collisions whenever possible, but despite this requirement, collisions continue to happen every day. Whether multiple cars collide or a car and a pedestrian, there is always a serious risk of injuries or even death resulting due to the forced involved in an accident.

Among all the types of traffic accident, pedestrian crashes account for a disproportionately high number of injuries and fatalities. While a crash with a pedestrian is less common than a crash involving only cars, it is much more likely to cause harm to those involved, especially those who were outside of a vehicle at the time of impact.
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Every year, Lollapalooza returns to Chicago and draws upwards of 160,000 people to Grant Park. The music festival draws residents and visitors of all ages and all musical interests with acts representing alternative rock, metal, EDM, hip hop, rap, pop, to name a few.

The three day festival kicks off this morning and will run through Sunday night and this year’s celebration is expected to be huge. Major headliners for 2015 include Paul McCartney, Metallica, and Florence + the Machine with dozens of other performers taking to the numerous stages in Grant Park throughout the weekend. Add in countless autograph signings, numerous Chicago area food vendors, and promotional tents and it is unlikely that anyone attending Lollapalooza will be bored.
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One of the best things about living in Chicago is the summer festival scene, bringing countless forms of entertainment to the city and allowing residents and visitors alike to partake in the events. Some of the most popular fests that hit the city feature or focus on music and one of those, PItchfork Music Festival, returns to Chicago this weekend.

Celebrating its 10th year, Pitchfork will return this Friday through Sunday in Chicago’s Union Park. Gates will open at 1 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday but the city is primed to feel the impact of the fest before those times. With approximately 20,000 people in attendance last year, the areas surrounding Union Park are gearing up for an increase in the amount of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic they will experience and are attempting to alleviate congestion issues before they occur.
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It’s an annual tradition in the city – Taste of Chicago. An event that draws thousands of visitors to the downtown area to sample some of the town’s wide range of cuisine.

The Taste is not only Chicago’s largest festival but it is also the largest food festival in the world, arriving in mid-July each year. The 2015 celebration begins today at downtown’s Grant Park and will last through Sunday with 33 different restaurants, 15 food trucks, and 12 pop-ups on site for those adventurous enough to try something new. Of course, in addition to the selection of food will be several concerts spread across multiple stages that will run during festival hours.

With so much to do and taste during Taste of Chicago, it is not surprising how many people will flood the downtown area to take advantage of these activities. But this influx of people can make things hazardous for all those who will be driving and/or walking in the Loop.
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Every year, thousands of visitors flock to Chicago over the 4th of July weekend to celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence in one of the greatest cities in the nation. With the world-class fireworks display at Navy Pier and the abundant selection of food and culture throughout the weekend, it is no wonder that so many choose to make Chicago their home-away-from-home on one of the biggest holiday weekends of the summer.

These tourists, coupled with those who call Chicago home, contribute to the electric atmosphere that reverberates around the town and that infuses the city with life and with fun. Most of those who will celebrate 4th of July here will do so safely and without issue, creating memories that will last for years to come. However, not everyone will be that lucky as there are always incidents that lead to injuries and, sometimes, that cause death over the weekend. Whether it is a pedestrian accident, bicycle collision, or a car crash, everyone who plans to spend time in Chicago should be aware of looming dangers and should attempt to avoid them when possible.
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In 2013, there were 4,718 pedestrian accidents in the state of Illinois and many of those occurred in the greater Chicago area. Of all those collisions, 4,419 resulted in injuries and 115 proved fatal. This means that over 96 percent of all pedestrian crashes had injuries, deaths, or potentially both in 2013 alone.

With the risk of harm so incredibly high, the safety of pedestrians in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois should be at the forefront of the minds of all drivers who take to the streets. Motorists should look for and yield to walkers who are near a roadway or in a crosswalk. Drivers should take heed of changing traffic lights and not attempt to run a yellow which may decrease the risk of entering an intersection at the same time as a pedestrian. And operators of vehicles should be particularly careful to avoid pedestrian crashes at high-risk areas like school zones, bus stops, and special events such as baseball games.
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