Fatalities from Pedestrian Accidents Skyrocketed in 2015

It is important to realize that nearly everyone is a pedestrian at some point. Though you might drive to work, take an L train, hop on the Metra, or hail a cab, odds are that you must exit that vehicle and walk at least some distance before you arrive at your location, making you a pedestrian even if it is only for a block or two. In that regard, everyone has a personal stake in pedestrian safety in Chicago as the outcome of any safety initiatives could have a direct effect upon them, their family members, or their friends.

Recently, troubling data has emerged from the Governors Highway Safety Administration which reveals a massive increase in the number of fatal pedestrian accidents in 2015 when compared to those that occurred in 2014. Based upon numbers from the first six months of 2015, the report is able to estimate the total number of deaths among walkers involved in traffic accidents for the year and concludes that 2015 saw a 10 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities.

A ten percent increase would be the single largest increase between any two consecutive years since records began in 1975.

Presently, experts in traffic movement and safety are attempting to determine the causes behind this increase so that they can be addressed and as many collisions in the future avoided. The report itself suggests that an overall increase in the number of vehicles on American roadways could be causing an increase in pedestrian crashes, and that the increased use of cell phones among motorists may be to blame for some accidents. Further, the report states that more people are walking as pedestrians, increasing the overall amount of pedestrian traffic and making collisions – including fatal ones – more likely.

Pedestrian accidents do not happen for no reason, though. They tend to be caused by an error, mistake, or negligent conduct on the part of one or more individuals involved and can be the fault of a driver or of a pedestrian. If a driver fails to yield the right-of-way to a walker, ignores a red light, blows a stop sign, or speeds, that driver may be responsible for an accident involving a pedestrian. Similarly, if a pedestrian attempts to cross a street when it is not safe to do so, walks against a pedestrian traffic signal, or crosses outside of an area designated for pedestrian traffic, the walker may be at fault for a crash.

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