Accidents Expected as Warm Weather Comes to Chicago

The winters in Chicago can be brutal and can lead many to do their best to hibernate, coming out of their homes only for work, school, and food. If you are one of the many residents who survive through winter only because the promise of summer is around the corner, you can rejoice today as the weather forecast calls for warm and sunny conditions.

Today’s high temperature is supposed to reach around 55 degrees Fahrenheit and many will see temperatures in the 50s while on their morning commute. Today will be windy, though, but even with the wind, city officials expect the day to be very pleasant.

The weather today will be more than something to be enjoyed as changes in weather can lead to changes in traffic conditions, and potentially, safety. Case in point, the warm weather is believed to bring out a larger than average number of pedestrians in the downtown Loop area and those pedestrians may be a little less cautious than normal. Drivers should be aware of potential issues with walkers so that pedestrian accidents do not take place.

The first day of warm, spring weather tends to make the city come alive. If you will be in Chicago today, expect a large number of pedestrians walking around on sidewalks, in crosswalks, and even in areas that may not be designated for pedestrian traffic. Be prepared for walkers to cross mid-block or even to cross against traffic control signals, like lights and stop signs. Some pedestrians may be cavalier with their actions today and may walk in disregard of their own safety or the safety of others.

Also, those pedestrians who do attempt to follow the applicable traffic rules may be thwarted by throngs of others. On days like today, downtown crosswalks may become excessively crowded and may force pedestrians to cross outside of the marked crosswalk’s lines. This can lead to an impingement on a driver’s ability to move forward on the city’s streets and should always make a driver pay greater attention to the pedestrians who are nearby.

Today’s warm up is not expected to last long as temperatures should be back in the 30s by early next week. Therefore, the legal team at Abels & Annes, P.C. hopes that you can enjoy today with some time outdoors while remaining safe and accident-free, no matter how you choose to travel around town.

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