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Chicago injury lawyers from Abels & Annes, working with co-counsel, have reached a $50,000 settlement for an Illinois resident who was injured on the job.

Our client was injured on November 11, 2007 while use a hoe to mix concrete. She was employed at Tyson Fresh Meats in Western Illinois.

After the accident she had severe neck pain. Our client starting treating with orthopaedic physicians in Moline, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa. Due to her complaints, doctors ordered an MRI which revealed the petitioner sustained herniated discs in her cervical spine. She had to undergo surgery to relieve the pain.

Chicago injury attorneys from Abels & Annes have reached a workers’ compensation settlement for a South Side woman who was injured at work in May of 2007. She is employed with the Anixster Center, a company that works with people with disabilities.

She was hurt while trying to help staff control an upset patient who has learning disabilities. After the incident she had pain in her neck and low back for several days. She sought treatment after the accident at St. Margaret Hospital in Hammond, Indiana.

After the ER, her pain did not resolve and she treated at the Orthopaedic & Occupational Rehabilitation Center and with a local orthopaedic medical doctor. An MRI was taken that showed she sustained injuries to both her cervical and lumbar spine. Our client underwent a regiment of physical therapy and her pain resolved over time. She did not undergo surgery.

Chicago personal injury lawyers from Abels & Annes, working with co-counsel, have reached a $195,000 settlement for a local resident who was injured on the job.

Our client was injured on May 27, 2008 while trying to stop a refrigerator from falling at work. He was employed as a semi-truck driver at a Chicago area company.

After the accident he have severe back pain with tingling in his right leg. Our client starting treating with an orthopaedic physician in Chicago. Due to his complaints, the doctor ordered an MRI which revealed the petitioner sustained a herniated disc in his lumbar spine with radiculopathy. He had to undergo 2 epidural injections to try to relieve the pain.

In Cook County, Illinois, injury lawyers from Abels & Annes have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Chicago physician who was seriously injured in a car accident. The crash occurred on June 23, 2008 in the afternoon when the defendant rear-ended the plaintiff.

Our client had been driving northbound on Broadway in Chicago. When she arrived at Broadway’s intersection with Irving Park Road she stopped in the left turn lane with her left turn signal on to await her opportunity to make a left turn onto westbound Irving Park Rd. While she was stopped her vehicle was rear-ended. The lawsuit alleges the defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to stop for stopped traffic, was driving at an excessive rate of speed, and failed to exercise due care for the safety of those in the area.

The doctor had an almost immediate onset of back and neck pain following the collision. She was transported by ambulance from the local police station to Thorek Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Upon arrival at the Emergency Department a history was taken, she was examined and diagnostic tests were performed. The doctor complained of head, neck and low back pain. She was initially diagnosed with a back strain, prescribed pain medication, muscle relaxants and instructed to seek follow up treatment after discharge.
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Illinois Car Accident Attorneys from Abels & Annes have settled an uninsured motorist claim for a Chicago woman. The case arose out of an automobile accident that occurred on November 4, 2007. The plaintiff was traveling eastbound as a passenger on Cermak Road at it’s intersection with Rockwell. As the vehicle went through a green light an uninsured driver failed to yield while turning left and struck the car my client was riding in.

At the scene of the accident, our client had back and neck pain. She was taken by ambulance to Saint Anthony Hospital.

At the St. Anthony ER the plaintiff reported persistent and constant back and neck pain. The doctor noted she appeared to be in pain, and she had tenderness at C3-C4, and tenderness in the lumbar area and left chest area. X-rays were taken which were negative for fracture. She was diagnosed with neck strain, low back pain and muscle contusions. She was prescribed Tylenol with codeine for pain.

Auto Accident Lawyers from Abels & Annes, P.C. have resolved an injury case for one of our clients involved in a car accident. On August 31, 2008, the plaintiff was stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of Chicago Road and 33rd Street in Steger, Illinois waiting to make a right turn. At that time, another car was stopped at the same intersection in the left lane. The other driver then decided to make a right turn from the left lane and struck our client’s vehicle. As a result of the auto accident, our client had sustained pain and discomfort in her back and neck. In addition, she also felt tingling and numbness in her right arm. That evening the severity of her pain increased and she had difficulty sleeping.

The next day our client sought medical care at Saint Margaret Mercy Medical Center, where she complained of back and neck pain, with right arm tingling and numbness. Her history was taken and she was examined. Hospital physicians also ordered x-rays and prescribed her pain medication. She was diagnosed with acute cervical, thoracic, and lumbar strain.

On September 4, 2008, our client followed up with a medical doctor. The physician diagnosed her with lower back and neck pain with muscle spasms. He also prescribed more pain medication and ordered an MRI. The MRI was taken the next day on her lumbar spine. The MRI results discovered a slight disc bulge at L5-S1. A cervical X-ray was also taken, which was normal.

Chicago Accident Attorneys from Abels & Annes, P.C. have resolved a case for a bike rider that collided with an open car door on California Avenue on August 21, 2008. The plaintiff was riding his bicycle in a northbound direction on California and the defendant was parked on the side of California facing northbound. The at fault driver suddenly and without warning opened her door into traffic.

The defendant was negligent in that she failed to look back and ensure that it was clear and safe to open her door before doing so. The door opened so suddenly in front of our client that he did not have any time to avoid it and collided with the open door.

The law in Illinois on the issue of opening a car door into traffic is as follows: Opening and closing vehicle doors. No person shall open the door of a vehicle on the side available to moving traffic unless and until it is reasonably safe to do so, and can be done without interfering with the movement of other traffic, nor shall any person leave a door open on the side of a vehicle available to moving traffic for a period of time longer than necessary to load or unload passengers.

Pursuant to this statute the defendant was negligent in opening her door when it was not reasonably safe to do so and when it would interfere with the movement of other traffic. Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway is granted all of the rights of a driver of a motorized vehicle. 625 ILCS 5/110-1502.

The defendant tried to claim that she had left her door open for an extended period of time prior to the accident and that her door did not just swing open. However, even under this possible scenario the driver was still negligent and is still at fault as under the law it is improper to leave a car door open for any period of time longer than necessary to load or unload passengers.

The defendant was issued a citation from the Chicago Police Department for violation of § 5/11-1407 of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code.
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A driver and a passenger from Chicago were injured last Wednesday in a car accident when they were hit from behind by another vehicle. The car crash happened on the South Side at 95th and State Street. They were stopped at a red light when a car insured by State Farm slammed into the rear of their vehicle.

The driver was treated at University of Chicago Hospital Emergency Room for low back injuries. The passenger, a student at Chicago State University, was treated for back and neck injuries at Holy Cross Hospital. The accident happened on the way to campus for class.

Both the driver and the passenger are still experiencing significant back and neck pain several days after the accident, and they are both following up with Chicago area orthopaedic doctors for further treatment.

Chicago Car Accident Attorneys from Abels & Annes, P.C. have settled an injury claim for a Bellwood, Illinois resident. On April 8, 2008 our client was injured when her vehicle was hit from behind by another car. The accident took place on Interstate 290 just south of York Road in DuPage County, Illinois
Shortly after the accident the plaintiff developed back, neck, shoulder, pelvic, and right hand pain. On 4/11/08 she sought treatment with a chiropractic physician in Lombard, Illinois. The doctor noted muscle spasms and tenderness at the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar levels on her first visit. My client underwent a course of physical therapy. She went for treatment on nine occasions over the next month. The treatment consisted of electrical stimulation, hot/cold packs, neuromuscular re-education, and chiropractic manipulation therapy.

The case settled without having to file a lawsuit. Hertz Rental Car is paying on the claim.
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Illinois Injury Lawyers from Abels & Annes, P.C. have settled an uninsured motorist claim that arose out of an automobile accident which occurred on February 14, 2008. Our client was driving his vehicle eastbound on 167th St. in Orland Park, Illinois. Two of his family members were passengers in his car.

As our clients approached 167th and Wolf Road they had a green light for eastbound traffic and they entered the intersection. At that time an uninsured driver ran a red light for northbound traffic and hit the passenger side of the the plaintiffs’ vehicle with the front end of his car.

Our clients were taken from the scene of the crash to Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet by ambulance. Our clients suffered multiple soft tissue injuries, including back and neck injuries. All three clients sought follow up treatment with local doctors in the Chicago Area.