Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Resolves Auto Accident Claim

Illinois Car Accident Attorneys from Abels & Annes have settled an uninsured motorist claim for a Chicago woman. The case arose out of an automobile accident that occurred on November 4, 2007. The plaintiff was traveling eastbound as a passenger on Cermak Road at it’s intersection with Rockwell. As the vehicle went through a green light an uninsured driver failed to yield while turning left and struck the car my client was riding in.

At the scene of the accident, our client had back and neck pain. She was taken by ambulance to Saint Anthony Hospital.

At the St. Anthony ER the plaintiff reported persistent and constant back and neck pain. The doctor noted she appeared to be in pain, and she had tenderness at C3-C4, and tenderness in the lumbar area and left chest area. X-rays were taken which were negative for fracture. She was diagnosed with neck strain, low back pain and muscle contusions. She was prescribed Tylenol with codeine for pain.

That evening her pain increased and she had difficulty sleeping. Her pain did not resolve over the next few days.

On 11/8/07 our client followed up at Rush University Medical Group. At that time she complained of pain on the left side of her neck, left chest / breast, and left breast bruising from the seat belt. Her medical doctor noted muscle spasms in the neck, and that the chest wall as tender and swollen. She was diagnosed with cervical strain and chest wall contusions. The doctor prescribed physical therapy.

On 11/21/07 sternum and rib x-rays were taken at Rush that were negative for fracture, and she was evaluated for physical therapy. The client went to therapy on 12/5/07, 12/12/07, 12/14/07, and 12/21/07. After physical therapy the client had improved, but she continued to have neck and chest pain over the next few weeks.

Because the at fault driver had no auto insurance, we made an uninsured motorist claim against her own policy with State Farm Insurance.

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