Chicago work injury lawyer settles workers’ compensation claim for South Side resident

Chicago injury attorneys from Abels & Annes have reached a workers’ compensation settlement for a South Side woman who was injured at work in May of 2007. She is employed with the Anixster Center, a company that works with people with disabilities.

She was hurt while trying to help staff control an upset patient who has learning disabilities. After the incident she had pain in her neck and low back for several days. She sought treatment after the accident at St. Margaret Hospital in Hammond, Indiana.

After the ER, her pain did not resolve and she treated at the Orthopaedic & Occupational Rehabilitation Center and with a local orthopaedic medical doctor. An MRI was taken that showed she sustained injuries to both her cervical and lumbar spine. Our client underwent a regiment of physical therapy and her pain resolved over time. She did not undergo surgery.

The case has settled for $23,490.81, plus we recovered an additional $8,120 in disability pay while she was off work due to her injuries.

Amtrust insures the employer and is paying on the claim.

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