Work Zone Safety Calendar Contest a chance for kids to remind parents about safety in construction zones

The Illinois Department of Transportation hopes to reach adult drivers through the creativity of their children as the department solicits artwork submissions for the Illinois Work Zone Safety Calendar.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers frequently report that car accidents are a leading cause of Illinois work injuries and nowhere are employees more at risk than construction workers on the roads in an around Chicago.This year’s theme is “See Orange. Slow Down. Save Lives” and contestants in Kindergarten through 6th grade are encouraged to enter artwork by November 15, 2010. The top 30 entries will be narrowed to 12 finalists, and those drawings will be displayed on the 2012 Illinois Work Zone Safety Calendar.

More than 9,100 students have participated since the contest began in 2005.

Work Zone Safety reports that 667 people were killed in road construction zones last year. Illinois road construction accidents claimed 31 lives.

Contest registration forms, release forms and instructions are available by clicking here.

Safety Tips for Driving in Work Zones

-Expect the unexpected:
Slower speeds, changing lanes and people working near the flow of traffic are the norm.

-Slow Down: Speeding is a leading cause of serious and fatal accidents in construction zones.

-Don’t Tailgate: Allow a safe travel distance between you and other vehicles. This permits more time to react, and reduces the risk of a rear-end collision.

-Watch for Workers: And allow a safe distance between your vehicle and construction workers, machinery, barriers or other equipment on or near the roadway.

-Pay attention to signs: Constructions signs, instructions, warning signs and other directions are in place to help you navigate a construction zone safely. Observe signs and remain alert.

-Obey road crews and flaggers: Flaggers understand the obstacles and challenges to moving traffic safely through work zones. Watch for their signals and obey their directions.

-Stay Alert: By minimizing distractions, you stand a better chance of navigating a work zone safely. Leave the radio, cell phones and other distractions alone while in a work zone.

-Keep up with traffic:
Traveling slower or faster than the flow of traffic can be dangerous. Merge when directed — don’t race up to the lane closure and then try to cut in line.

-Allow plenty of time: Make adjustments to your traveling schedule that take road construction delays into account. Expect delays and check the radio, TV and websites for the latest information.

-Stay Calm:
Keeping your patience is the key to staying safe and keeping road crews safe in work zones. Remember that work crews are working hard to keep roads in passable shape and to make tomorrow’s commute better for you.

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