Chicago work accident lawyer to represent injured Illinois construction worker

An Illinois workers’ compensation attorney at Abels & Annes has agreed to represent a construction worker that recently was hurt on the job. The claimant was working as a laborer for a Chicago area construction company. He was on a South Side job site in July, 2010 when he tripped and fell on some large rocks.

After he fell, he started experiencing severe low back and ankle pain. He was seen a short time later at the South Suburban Hospital emergency room. At the ER, he was examined by physicians and x-rays were taken.

Over the next several days his pain remained. He then went to follow-up treatment with both an orthopedic physician and a chiropractor.

After his condition did not improve, his doctor ordered an MRI. The scan showed the construction worker had sustained a herniated disc at L4-5. It has not been determined if his treatment will just consist of therapy, or if he will need injections and/or future surgery. Click here to read more about back and neck injuries.

A Chicago work injury attorney from our office will be filing a claim on his behalf at the Illinois Industrial Commission. We will work to make sure he receives any necessary medical treatment, disability pay while he is off work, and a bodily injury settlement at the end of the case.

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