Rear-end collisions, turning crashes, most likely cause of Chicago car accidents

Chicago car accidents on the city’s streets and roads accounted for more than one-third of the state’s car accidents that involved serious injury and resulted in one-fifth of the state’s traffic fatalities, according to 2009 crash statistics released by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

As we discussed on our Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Blog, the vast majority of car accidents in Illinois occur in urban areas, primarily in and around Chicago. A total of 243,189 accidents in urban areas injured 52,402 and killed 469. By comparison, 48,917 rural crashes injured 10,833 and killed 363.But taking a look at the high number of serious and fatal accidents that occurred on the city’s streets (as opposed to highways and freeways) may offer some clues for the defensive driver. A total of 117,683 crashes killed 166 people and injured more than 23,000.

The vast majority of accident statewide occurred in areas where there was no traffic control device. This typically means that someone pulled out of a parking lot or private drive and failed to yield the right of way. Or that someone turned in front of an oncoming vehicle or crossed the centerline. In fact, statistics show that rear-end collisions and turning accidents account for the vast majority of collisions.

No Controls: 156,286 accidents/451 fatalities Stop Sign/Red Flasher: 30,634/83 fatalities Traffic signal: 65,647 accidents/97 fatalities Lane Use Control: 28,261 accidents/144 fatalities RR Crossing gate: 435 accidents/2 fatalities Other RR crossing device: 201 accidents/8 fatalities

A total of 63 Illinois railroad crossing accidents killed 11 motorists and injured 30.

Other types of accidents

Vehicle overturned: 4,558 accidents/65 fatalities Pedestrians: 5,171 accidents/104 killed Bicyclists: 3,246 accidents/19 fatalities Animal: 19,558 accidents/ 6 fatalities Fixed object: 35,257 accidents/285 fatalities Parked: 34,653 accidents/13 fatalities Rear-end: 80,076/72 fatalities Head-on: 2,567/104 fatalities Sideswipe-same direction: 23,323/16 fatalities Sideswipe-opposite direction: 3,416/20 fatalities Angle: 31,210/109 fatalities Turning: 44,239: 78 fatalities
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