Chicago Worker Injured during Scaffolding Failure

Workplace accidents affect employees in all types of jobs and in every position. They often leave workers hurt and in need of medical treatment or surgery. In fact, work-related accidents are so common that most states, including Illinois, have enacted workers’ compensation laws to protect those who are injured while on the clock.

Unlike some other types of injuries, workers’ compensation accidents are handled through a no-fault system of insurance. Put simply, employers in Chicago and across Illinois are required to carry insurance in the event an employee is injured, and that employee has a right to coverage regardless of who is to blame, if anyone, for an incident. While there are some limited exceptions, in practice this means that the vast majority of workers who get hurt on the job have a right to relief which may include obtaining medical treatment they need, payment while missing time from work, and a lump sum payment for damages. The facts surrounding an accident may determine what types of relief are available so you may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer to lean about your options if you have been injured.

Work was ongoing at a Hyde Park building on Wednesday when scaffolding surrounding the building collapsed, according to local officials. At least one worker was on the scaffolding at the time of the collapse and that employee, a 55-year-old man, sustained injuries. Emergency crews transported the worker to a Chicago-area hospital with undisclosed injuries for treatment yesterday and officials believe the man will survive the incident, but it is not known whether any permanent damage will result.

An investigation is ongoing into the collapse and authorities have not revealed a suspected cause at this time but they have confirmed that the incident took place in the 1400 block of East 54th Place.

Certain types of employees are more likely than others to be hurt while working, including construction workers, factory employees, line workers, nurses and nurses’ aides, teachers and classroom assistants, and airline employees. But those who work in any field may be victimized by a slip-and-fall, a falling box, a car accident, or a repetitive stress injury. As an example, thousands of office employees are hurt on the job every year even though an office may not pose an unreasonable threat of harm.

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