3 Car Crash in Chicago Injures 2

Sideswipe accidents and collisions result in numerous injuries every year. The heavy traffic in the city gets funneled into congested corridors and often requires motorists to make quick decisions when driving. Whether you are near an expressway, an interstate, or simply on a city road, you may encounter merging traffic as you travel around Chicago.

Merging is one common cause of sideswipe car accidents because drivers may attempt to merge into a new lane when it is not clear to do so. In some cases, a lane may end, leaving a driver little to no choice but to move to a new lane, regardless of traffic conditions. But even if merging is required and traffic is heavy, it is still the duty of drivers to operate in a safe manner and not to threaten the security of others in the area. Failing to do so may cause a collision and may lead to a driver being held legally liable for his or her actions. In addition to a traffic ticket or a citation, that may include financial liability for any damages done to a victim, whether those damages take the form of medical expenses, lost wages, or even pain and suffering. It is a victim’s right to seek relief after a Chicago car crash and speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand your options if you have been hurt.

Police responded to the scene of a collision near the Stevenson Expressway and the Kedzie exit ramp early on Sunday morning. The incident happened around 1:00 a.m. and involved three cars, injuring at least two women and sending them to area hospitals.

Police believe that a Nissan traveling southbound on Kedzie sideswiped one vehicle that was exiting the expressway and rear-ended a second, leading to damage sustained by all three cars. The two victims reportedly were the driver and a passenger in the Nissan and both received emergency care at the scene before being transported to hospitals. In an unusual turn, authorities have confirmed a third person was taken to a hospital from the scene but reported that the victim’s injuries were sustained prior to the collision and were unrelated to the crash. Neither driver of the cars that were struck were seriously injured or required medical help following the collisions.

Police are still reviewing all factors related to this incident but anticipate the issuance of citations, according to reports. However, police have not stated why the Nissan struck the other cars at this time or whether any external factors, including intoxication, may have played a role.



Perhaps you have been the victim of a car accident in Chicago, or perhaps your loved one or family member has suffered in a crash. Regardless, if an injury has affected your life, you or your family may be entitled to financial compensation to help you get the treatment you need and to help you return to the life you had prior to the crash.

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