Amtrak Train Bound for Chicago Collides with Semi-Truck

The Federal Railroad Administration reports that there are over 175 train accidents and more than 40 train-related deaths every year in Illinois alone. Those numbers illustrate the truth that few residents consider before they board a train: the large number of trains and the heavy use they receive by commuters and city travelers means that collisions are likely to result, and when they happen, numerous potential victims may be at risk for sustaining an injury or losing their lives in a crash. A large number of the train injuries that take place in Illinois occur in the greater Chicago area, a city once known as the train shipping hub of the country and now known for a large population and numerous train-related options.

Whether a passenger was on board a CTA train, Amtrak train, Metra train, or another train, that passenger may have the legal right to seek financial compensation for any injuries that result if the train was involved in a collision or other form of accident. The facts and circumstances surrounding every crash vary so it is important to understand the legal implications of your train accident if you have been hurt. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago may help you understand your rights, including whether you have a valid claim against a train company, a city or municipality, an at-fault driver, or another person or entity for causing a crash.

Officials have confirmed that an Amtrak train bound for Chicago from Indianapolis was involved in a collision with a semi-truck shortly before 8:00 a.m. this morning. The incident took place approximately 30 miles outside of LaFayette, Indiana and left 10 people injured, but at this time, all injured passenger and crew members are expected to survive.

Authorities were on the scene of the collision and evaluating the victims as well as reviewing the facts of the crash. There has been no word yet on what caused the collision between the train and the semi-truck or whether either operator acted in a negligent manner but the investigation into this crash is ongoing and may take several days, according to some reports.

Amtrak has reported that the train was due to end its journey in Chicago later today and that 56 passengers and crew members were on board at the time of the incident. A news station in Indiana has reported that the conductor at the train’s controls was also involved in an accident last year involving an Amtrak train near Monon, Indiana, though Amtrak has not confirmed that detail.



Currently, several victims are receiving medical treatment at area hospitals for injuries that have not yet been disclosed. Among the injured reportedly is the conductor of the train. It is not clear whether the driver of the semi-truck was hurt or whether anyone else was in that vehicle prior to the collision.

When a train accident occurs, victims may have little warning of any danger or threat as they are not in control of the train’s actions or of the actions of any other motorists in the area. These collisions can produce complicated legal results with many facets that must be investigated, making it very complicated for a typical accident victim to sort through and understand whether financial compensation is possible.

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