May Marks National Youth Traffic Safety Month as Officials Look to Reduce Risks of Car Accidents in Chicago and Elsewhere

Every May, teens across the country join together for National Youth Traffic Safety Month to focus on traffic related accidents among their age group; accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death for the youngsters, according to the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS).

National Youth Traffic Safety Month aims to reach out to young drivers to help them make safer decisions behind the wheel, which in turn can reduce the risks of car accidents in Chicago and elsewhere across the United States.Our Chicago personal injury lawyers urge friends and family to join the campaign to help raise awareness among teen drivers and to help educate them with the proper habits for safe driving. The spring prom and graduation season is the most dangerous time of year for young drivers.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month offers traffic safety education projects for young drivers and supports legislation and law enforcement activities aimed at promoting safe driving among teens.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month offers these ideas to help you get involved in raising awareness this month:

-Encourage everyone you know to get involved. Try speaking with local law enforcement, auto sales establishments, stores that teens frequently shop, schools, radio stations and all local media. Encourage these places to help spread the word locally about the importance of safe teen drivers.

-See if you can suggest gubernatorial and mayoral proclamations proclaiming National Youth Traffic Safety Month. Steps to request a proclamation can be found on the NORS website.

-Pick a specific issue that can positively impact your community. It could be suggesting stronger enforcement of current laws, buckle up reminders or even visual projects to show the impact of distracted driving or other safety issue. Take an idea that is specific to your area and create something that will fit the need of your community. Try working with local officials to spread the word and effect change.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of the more than 208 million licensed drivers in the United States in 2008, teen drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 counted for more than 6 percent, or 13.3 million drivers.

Nearly 2,500 teen drivers were killed and roughly 196,000 were injured because of car accidents in 2009. The statistics show a decrease of roughly 15 percent from the previous year. Nearly 150 teen deaths were killed in Illinois in 2009 as a result of car accidents involving a teen driver.

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