Illinois Motorcycle Accident Throws Driver into Mississippi River

A motorcycle accident in Jersey County took the life of one motorcyclist this past week, according to Illinois State Police. The rider died when he veered to the right side of the road and struck a guard rail between Elsah and Chautauqua, according to The Telegraph.

The 24-old rider was taken to the hospital after a passing motorists notified police of the motorcycle accident in Illinois on Route 100 near Alton.Our Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys urge riders to be extra cautious this spring season. Other motorists, evening hours and poor weather conditions all pose potential dangers to a vulnerable motorcyclist. While many motorcycle crashes are the fault of other motorists, it’s important that riders to their part to avoid serious or fatal accidents. May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month and we encourage riders to take the message to heart: Get proper training, have your bike serviced, wear the appropriate safety gear and never drink and ride.

The accident happened shortly after 8:30 p.m. this past weekend. The impact from the collision threw the motorcycle driver into the river. Police report that the driver was wearing his helmet. The Jersey County Sheriff’s Department, the Illinois State Department of Conservation police, the Grafton Police Department and the and the QEM Fire Protection District joined together to locate the riders body. After roughly two hours, the body was located. The road remained blocked for another four hours.

Police have yet to determine if alcohol played a role in the accident. A toxicology test is being administered as it is standard in crash investigations. offers these tips for motorcyclists who will be hitting the roadway during the nighttime hours:

-Your perception is drastically reduced during the dark evening hours. Keep an eye on the reflective road signs, white lines and other areas of illuminated road to help you navigate.

-Oncoming traffic may be easily spotted, but parked cars are not. Keep an eye out for stationary vehicles parked on the side of the road.

-Animals can be a deadly obstacle, too. Keep an eye out for animals that may enter your path of travel by watching for the reflection in their eyes. If you encounter and animal on the road, dip your headlights, slow down and try to steer your way around.

-Be sure to wear reflective gear while driving at night. This will allow other motorists to recognize your presence a lot easier.

-Try not to look directly into oncoming headlights as it can causing a blinding effect that drastically minimizes your ability to see for a short while, which clearly isn’t a good thing while driving a motorcycle.

-Keep your visor clean and polished as small scratches can distract light and cause a very distracting starburst effect.

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