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April 18, 2015

Biker Killed in Chicago Motorcycle Accident

41815.jpgApril is more than halfway over and as the year continues to progress, spring temperatures have finally arrived in the Chicago area. With warmer temperatures has come some sun and, with that, an increase in the number of people outside taking advantage of the weather. Though pedestrian traffic is always high in Chicago, it has increased recently, especially on the weekends as people forego other means of transit to take advantage of the walking weather. Bicycle traffic is increasing as well and may be heavily concentrated in areas that promote cycling, like downtown in the Loop. But one sight that motorists are sure to see is a surge in the presence of motorcycles on Chicago streets and on the expressways that fed into the city.

Motorcycles are in increasing in popularity in the State of Illinois with approximately 240,000 registered bikes in the state. Most of these are not used during winter but are ridden in more ideal conditions that accompany spring and summer and for good reason: motorcycles share the same rights and protections while on the roads that are enjoyed by drivers of cars. Though these rights are available and it is the duty of every driver to respect them, often, motorcycle accidents happen in Chicago and threaten the safety of the riders involved. Injuries are common as a result of these crashes and can trigger the right for a victim to seek financial payment when the collision happens in the Chicago area and when another person or entity is deemed to be legally responsible. When damages result, victims may get the help they need by speaking with a personal injury attorney and learning about their rights.

Shortly after 1:00 a.m. today, Illinois State Police officers were alerted to a single motorcycle collision on the Kennedy Expressway near Grand Avenue. The bike was driven by a 29-year-old male and that individual lost his life as a result of the crash, the nature of which remains unclear.

Police began an investigation while still at the scene and are still attempting to review all relevant facts before determining what caused the collision and whether the crash could have been avoided. In cases where a single motorcycle is involved, generally police look at the conduct of the driver but also at the condition of the road, the condition of the bike, and the actions of others in the area that may have caused the crash.

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April 16, 2015

Workplace Injury Claims Employee's Life in Elk Grove Village

41615.jpgIt is the duty of every employer in the State of Illinois to provide a safe and reasonable workplace for its employees to perform their tasks, regardless of the industry setting. This means that whether it is a construction site, an airport, a school, an office, or anything in between, workers must be provided with a safe means to work and that their safety cannot be ignored. When an employer fails to take the steps necessary to protect workers' rights, an accident or other incident may occur and may leave one or more employees with injuries.

It can be devastating when an employee is hurt on the job and unfortunately, nothing can erase these incidents once they occur. However, victims may be entitled to seek financial compensation to help them move beyond an accident and to move forward with their lives. The option to seek payment is available to all workers in Chicago and in Illinois and unlike some other types of claims, it does not matter who bears responsibility in the incident - if a worker is hurt, that worker has rights. Relief can be sought and may include needed medical treatment, payment for wages missed while away from work, and even a lump sum. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who handles workers' compensation claims in the Chicago area may help you understand your rights if you have been the victim of an accident while on-the-job.

An investigation is ongoing into a fatal incident at a plant in Elk Grove Village on Wednesday. Police have confirmed that a 50-year-old man who worked in a factory was trapped in a machine and that the incident killed the worker. Now, police are reviewing all facts in the case and officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are starting their own investigation.

The incident happened at a plant that makes parts for several industries including aerospace, mining, oil and gas, and transportation and the machine at issue reportedly cuts or shapes raw products into a finished state. It is unclear at this time what led to the accident or how the man became trapped in the machine but police have confirmed that the man died before emergency responders arrived on the scene.

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April 15, 2015

Hit-and-Run Crash in Chicago Kills 1

41515.jpgA driver who fails to follow the rules of the road is a danger to everyone in a given area. Not only may these actions be a violation of traffic laws, but they may also increase the risk of a car accident occurring, and that can leave countless of people suffering. From the damage done to a vehicle to the injuries inflicted upon victims, these collisions can leave a lasting impact that may never fully be repaired.

While the damages done by these accidents cannot be erased, the victims of Chicago collisions that are harmed may be able to seek and obtain financial compensation for their losses and their suffering. A typical case may allow a victim to receive payment for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages as well as payment for any other damages incurred. These claims revolve around the facts surrounding a particular incident and therefore it is wise for victims to verify their understanding of their rights and options when a crash affects them. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer can help victims do exactly that.

It is the obligation of every driver in Illinois to know and follow the rules of the road. One such rule requires drivers who are involved in a car accident to remain at the scene of the crash until cleared by local authorities; failure to do so is commonly called a hit-and-run. Hit-and-run accidents can leave a victim behind and in need of medical help but without the ability to seek that help, potentially worsening any injuries that happened in the crash.

Police in Chicago were alerted to a collision between two vehicles in the Pilsen neighborhood on Monday that resulted in the death of one person. The crash happened near the intersection of Morgan Street and 16th Street and may have happened when one driver failed to yield to the other. Following the crash, a 59-year-old female driver of one of the vehicles was left in critical condition and eventually died due to her injuries. The other car fled the scene and witnesses reported that two men were associated with the car but at this time, neither has been identified or located with regard to this collision.

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April 14, 2015

South Side Car Crash Leaves 1 Person Dead

41415.jpgWhen driving a car, it is tempting for a driver to think about the actions that will be most convenient for her: taking the shortest route, cutting through a parking lot, or even making a rolling stop at a stop sign if no opposing traffic is present. But in many of these situations, these conveniences taken by drivers may be violations of the traffic code of Chicago or state driving laws. Breaking these rules of the road may lead to a traffic citation or even criminal charges against a driver and the potential punishments will only increase if those actions lead to a car accident.

Collisions do not affect only those who receive traffic tickets for their actions. Rather, anyone who is involved in a crash, whether that person is at-fault or not, may be affected by the accident and may suffer as a result. Car crashes can cause injuries that can be minor or severe and bad car accidents may even lead to the death of some involved. If you are involved in a crash or if your loved one is harmed, speaking with a personal injury attorney in Chicago can help you realize what legal options may be available to you and whether you have a valid claim for your suffering.

Chicago's many neighborhood unfortunately experience car accidents on a regular basis with no one area being spared the devastation caused by these events. On Sunday at approximately 2:0 p.m., two cars collided in the Back of the Yards neighborhood and the resulting crash claimed the life of one of the drivers.

Police have reported that a 59-year-old man was behind the wheel of a parked vehicle on Ashland Avenue when he decided to attempt a U-turn. Reportedly, that man pulled out into oncoming traffic and placed his vehicle into the path of an oncoming car. The two vehicles collided and the 59-year-old driver of the first car was killed as a result.

In the first vehicle was a 51-year-old male passenger. He survived the crash and was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where he received treatment for injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening. Four people were inside the second car at the time of the crash but it did not appear that any of them were injured to any serious degree.

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April 13, 2015

Head-On Car Accident Kills Elderly Passenger in Lemont

41215%282%29.jpgHead-on collisions are responsible for a disproportionately large share of traffic fatalities in Chicago and elsewhere in the country. While head-on crashes are not as common as some other forms of accidents, they may be more likely to result in injuries or death due to the relatively powerful forces involved and, often, the high rate of speed of opposing vehicles. This happens because many head-on crashes occur when one driver crosses a center line or median and strikes opposing traffic or where a driver travels the wrong way down a one-way road. In less populated areas, head-on accidents may be caused by a driver attempting to pass on a two lane road when it is not safe to do so.

Like other forms of car accidents, head-on collisions have the potential to injure not only a responsible driver but also any passengers in that driver's vehicle, drivers in another car, passengers in another car, and even bicyclists and pedestrians in the area. The laws in Chicago recognize that the innocent victims of these instances should not be forced to bear the financial toll enacted by the errors and mistakes of others and instead allows these people to seek compensation for their losses. Whether damages take the form of medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering, these victims can bring a civil claim for their losses against those responsible and by doing so may recover payment to rectify the wrongs caused by a crash. If you have been hurt, you may understand your options better by speaking with a personal injury lawyer who has experience representing car accident victims.

Police in Lemont confirmed that a two car accident happened on Friday and that an elderly passenger lost her life as a result. The crash happened near the intersection of Archer Avenue and 107th Street prior to 3:00 p.m. and may have begun when a vehicle crossed the center line of the road. Police have stated that the first vehicle then collided with a second in a head-on impact and that the drivers of both cars were injured. Ambulances responded to the scene and evaluated all victims. In addition to the drivers, an elderly passenger in the second vehicle was hurt and was also taken to a hospital; that 94-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries shortly after the crash.

Both of the drivers survived the crash and are expected to recover though the nature of their injuries has not been disclosed.

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April 13, 2015

Trabajador pierde el brazo en Accidente con Mezclador Industrial

33015.jpgSiempre es angustiante y desafortunado cuando alguien se lesiona, especialmente si esa lesión es grave. Pero estas cuestiones pueden parecer peor si la víctima se ve perjudicada
y nunca recibe el alivio que él o ella se merece a pesar de las leyes en Illinois que les provee ayuda y asistencia a estos individuos. Cuando se trata de lesiones en el trabajo en Chicago, estas leyes son muy claras - todos los trabajadores lesionados que han sufrido daños, mientras que en el puesto de trabajo tienen derecho a la protección y a los beneficios, sin importar quién tuvo la culpa del accidente. Derechos del trabajador lesionado pueden incluir el derecho a recibir tratamiento médico y tener todos los gastos médicos pagados, el derecho a obtener salarios o una parte del salario, mientras que usted no puede trabajar debido a las lesiones, y el pago de suma total para otros daños como inconveniencias, dolor y sufrimiento, y posiblemente dañados sufridos por sus seres queridos.

El derecho a obtener esta ayuda debe ser automático después de que ocurre una lesión en el trabajo en Illinois, pero a menudo no lo es. Los empleadores pueden hacer que sea difícil para que los trabajadores obtengan ayuda. Las compañías de seguros pueden negar los reclamos válidos sin explicación. O se les puede ofrecer a los empleados sólo una fracción del alivio que se merecen. Cuando se presenta una situación de compensación para trabajadores en el área de Chicago, es el derecho del empleado lesionado a obtener un abogado de su elección y hablando con un abogado de lesiones personales puede ayudarles a estas personas a entender sus opciones y cómo deseen proceder.

Las autoridades fueron llamadas a la escena de un accidente industrial en Bartlett el viernes que dejó a un empleado joven sin su brazo. Según los informes, un empleado de la fábrica de 25 años de edad, estaba trabajando cuando su brazo se atrapo dentro de una mezcladora industrial, un pedazo de equipo de uso general en la fábrica para la producción de alimentos y productos alimenticios. Los equipos de emergencia respondieron a ayudar al hombre, pero primero fueron acusados de sacar al hombre de la máquina. Piezas del equipo tuvieron que ser removidos para liberar al hombre y su brazo antes de que pudiera ser trasladado a un hospital cercano para recibir tratamiento por sus lesiones. Mientras que los médicos trataron de ayudar al hombre, el daño a su brazo fue demasiado extrema y la extremidad tuvo que ser removido.

La condición actual del hombre no está clara ni los hechos que rodean el incidente en sí.

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April 13, 2015

Actor Ryan Reynolds Hit by Car in Parking Lot, Driver Flees

41315.jpgPedestrians are at risk for being involved in a collision as they walk along the streets of Chicago. Some people may notice or even appreciate the dangers faced by these walkers as they cross busy streets in pedestrian crosswalks or as they otherwise come near an area where motor vehicles travel. However, these are far from the only locations that may threaten the safety of pedestrians in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois. Every year, thousands of pedestrian accidents occur in a myriad of different settings and most of those result in injuries to the walkers involved.

In every state in the country, pedestrians are granted certain rights and protections under the law. These rights can vary from state to state and based upon the circumstances of any collision so it is important for victims to understand the intricacies of any law that may be a factor if they have been involved in a crash. In Chicago, pedestrians generally have the right to seek financial compensation when they are injured due to the actions of a driver and these claims can be brought against any responsible party. In many cases, multiple claims may be available and may enable an injured pedestrian to recover for the totality of the losses experienced, whether those losses take the form of medical bills, rehabilitative expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago or in Illinois can help those who have been hurt to understand the options and claims that may be available to them to help them recover.

Traffic accidents do not discriminate and can make anyone a victim, a fact that was reinforced this weekend when actor Ryan Reynolds was involved in a hit-and-run car accident on Friday, according to police in Vancouver. Reynolds, a Canadian native, reportedly was in Vancouver to film Deadpool, a spin off from the X-Men franchise that is expected to premier in theaters in 2016. Police have confirmed that the actor was walking in an underground parking garage when a paparazzo approached in a vehicle and struck Reynolds before fleeing the scene. Fortunately Reynolds was uninjured in the accident and was able to leave the area under his own power.

Police in Vancouver are still looking into the crash and are trying to identify the paparazzo involved to determine whether he should be issued any citations for his actions. Like in Chicago, fleeing the scene of an accident is against local laws in Vancouver as is striking a pedestrian with a vehicle even if injuries do not result.

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April 10, 2015

Semi-Truck Hits Car in Plainfield

41015.jpgThe commercial trucking industry is thriving with millions of vehicles on the nation's roadways annually. With variety in their design and size, these vehicles can take on a number of different appearances so that a motorist may not spot one at first. Regardless of the type or function of a commercial truck, the vehicle may pose a threat to the safety of all drivers on a highway, expressway, freeway or local road because they tend to be heavier and more difficult to stop than other types of cars. Despite the potential of a truck accident posed when a commercial carrier is near, these vehicles continue to provide the lion's share of transit in many national industries and their usage is expected to be in high demand for decades to come.

Simply put, it is easier for a truck to make a deliver to a specific locale than for many other forms of transportation. While freight transit by train is relatively cost effective, few distribution centers or local retailers have train tracks leading into their buildings or docks necessary to load and unload the freight. This means that much which travels by train will eventually find its way onto trucks for the final leg of its journey, again highlighting the prevalence and demand on the trucking industry.

While trucks may be needed, the accidents caused by trucks are not, and many of these collisions are serious and cause injuries to those involved. Victims who are hurt in Chicago-area truck accidents may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their injuries and their suffering if they bring their claims within the time period specified by law. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help clarify any issues in your case or any uncertainties you may have if a collision has affected your life or that of your loved one.

On Wednesday afternoon, shortly before 4:30 p.m., a semi-truck traveling on I-55 near Lockport Road in Plainfield was involved in a collision that left a man dead. Police have stated that the truck was driving north on I-55 when it came upon a car that had stopped, disabled on the road when the front end of the truck struck the car, causing a significant impact. The driver of the truck was hurt in the collision and was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where he is expected to recover. The driver of the stopped car, a 47-year-old man, was killed in the collision.

At this time, police are still reviewing the facts from the collision and trying to determine exactly what caused the semi-truck to collide with the car. The outcome of that investigation may drive authorities to issue citations or charges, if applicable.

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April 7, 2015

Chicago Pedestrian Hurt by Hit-and-Run Driver

4715.jpgIn an average year, more than 4,500 pedestrians are killed in accidents across the nation. Unfortunately, some of those fatalities happen in the greater Chicago area and cause devastation not only to the victims but also to their families and the friends. Many experts believe the term "accident" is a misnomer for these incidents because most are caused by negligence or reckless conduct by someone involved - whether that someone is a driver of a car, a vehicle's owner, a pedestrian, or even a city or municipality. It is rare that a pedestrian crash happens without any fault on the part of anyone involved.

If one person acts irresponsibly and hurts another, the victim of that crash may be left questioning why they are suffering when they did nothing wrong. Though there is nothing that can erase a collision once one has occurred, the laws in Chicago serve to protect these victims by guaranteeing them protections including the right to seek relief in a court of law. A personal injury lawyer can help you realize whether you have a valid claim if you have been injured in an accident or if your loved one was hurt or killed in a crash.

A pedestrian was hit by a fleeing driver in Chicago on Sunday and the incident left him in critical condition, according to authorities on the scene. The crash happened near the 4000 block of West Division Street just before midnight and began with a pedestrian crossing the street near an intersection. As the man was walking, a vehicle approached the area and collided with him, leaving the pedestrian in critical condition and in need of medical help. Emergency crews transported the victim to an area hospital where his current condition is not clear.

The alleged at-fault driver in this incident failed to stop after the crash and instead fled the scene, according to officials. At this time, the identity of the driver is unknown and the individual has not been apprehended though the driver is being sought for questioning at this time.

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April 6, 2015

Single Car Crash on South Side Injures 2

4515.jpgThe State of Illinois has laws governing the minimum amount of automobile insurance all drivers must carry to be in compliance and to be legally authorized to drive. In 2015, these minimum requirements were increased to $25,000 per person injured or killed, $50,000 per accident where injuries or death results, and $20,000 for damage to the property of another. These limits may sound like they are adequate but in reality, many car accidents in the Chicago area cause damages far in excess of these minimums. Unfortunately, victims are at the mercy of at-fault driver and their insurance policy limits in some case; limited insurance can mean a limited recovery. But often, victims can still obtain the full relief they deserve by pursing an uninsured motorist claim. Speaking with a lawyer who handles personal injury cases can help you realize what insurance may be available if you have been injured and whether you may have one or multiple claims.

When a multi-car crash happens, victims in one vehicle may have no idea the type of insurance or the availability of coverage maintained by another driver. When a single car crash occurs, a victim riding in that vehicle may or may not know of insurance. Regardless of a victim's knowledge before an accident, that victim may be entitled to seek and pursue a claim for his or her damages and against an at-fault driver or owner so that the victim can get financial relief to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering as well as other injuries or losses that are due to the collision.

Chicago police have confirmed that a single car accident happened on the South Side in the Pullman neighborhood on Saturday, injuring two people inside the vehicle. The incident happened in the 500 block of 115th Street shortly before 4:00 a.m. and reportedly began when a driver lost control of the vehicle, left the road's driving surface, and collided with a light pole near the shoulder. An adult man and an adult woman were in the vehicle and both were harmed though the nature and extent of their injuries is not clear at this time. Emergency crews transported both victims to a nearby hospital for additional help.

Police have not confirmed a suspected cause of the car accident but they have confirmed that an investigation into the matter is ongoing at this time.

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April 6, 2015

Conductor Anciano Muerto en un Accidente de Camión en Aurora

32615.jpgSi le preguntas a los conductores de todo Chicago acerca de la clase de persona detrás del volante que menos les gusta, es posible que escuche términos como los conductores ancianos dichos una y otra vez a creencia popular es que los americanos mayores causan y están involucrados en más colisiones que sus contrapartes más jóvenes, y en algunos casos, eso es cierto. El complicado imagen completa ilustra que la edad sola no se traduce en un mayor riesgo por un accidente de carro sucediendo sino más bien que las condiciones médicas y otras condiciones asociados con el envejecimiento pueden.
Disminución de la visión, confusiones mentales y reflejas más lentas hacen que estos conductores sean una amenaza para sí mismos y para otros en el camino. Al mismo tiempo, sin embargo, algunos adultos mayores no muestran signos de deterioro cuando envejecen y pueden plantear ningún mayor riesgo que nadie.

Los accidentes de carro que involucran a los conductores ancianos ocurren anualmente en el área de Chicago y pueden dejar numerosas víctimas preguntándose cuáles opciones están disponibles para ellos para ayudarles a obtener un alivio. Generalmente, las leyes de Illinois permiten que aquellos que estén lastimados busquen compensación en contra de un conductor culpable, el dueño de un vehículo culpable una compañía de seguros, una corporación, o incluso una ciudad o municipio, dependiendo de los hechos específicos de un accidente. Hablando con un abogado de lesiones personales en Chicago puede iluminar todas las opciones disponibles si usted ha sido lesionado y no está seguro de cómo proceder, o si usted tiene un reclamo válido.

Los funcionarios en Aurora confirmaron que uno de los conductores implicados en un accidente de carro fatal el martes fue un hombre de 89 años de edad, y desafortunadamente, el hombre perdió su vida en la colisión que ocurrió cerca de Eola y Diehl Road en horas de la tarde. Las autoridades han indicado que el hombre estaba conduciendo hacia el oeste por Diehl con su esposa de 87 años de edad en el carro cuando presuntamente se pasó una luz roja, causando que su vehículo entrara en la intersección cuando el tráfico opuesto tenía el derecho de paso. Un semi-camión estaba en la intersección en el momento y los dos vehículos chocaron con fuerza significativa, haciendo que el conductor del camión perdiera el control del vehículo, y luego le pegara a un segundo carro.

Los equipos médicos de emergencia estaban en la escena y evaluaron a todos los pasajeros en los tres vehículos implicados en el accidente. El conductor anciano y su esposa anciana, ambos fueron trasladados a hospitales cercanos para recibir tratamiento, pero las lesiones del hombre eran demasiado extremas y fue declarado muerto poco después. La mujer sobrevivió con lesiones no especificadas y su condición en este momento sigue siendo desconocido.

Sólo el conductor estaba en el semi-camión en el momento del impacto y ese individuo rechazo la ayuda médica al igual que dos personas en el segundo carro involucrado. Nadie ha sido citado en el incidente en este tiempo y el resultado de una investigación en curso determinará si algunos cargos serán emitidos o si se tomará otra acción.

Algunos conductores ancianos tienen un mayor riesgo de estar involucrados en una colisión y la mayoría tienen más probabilidades de ser heridos cuando un accidente actualmente sucede. Como cualquiera puede estar involucrado en un accidente con un conductor anciano estos temas son importantes para todos los que llaman Chicago casa, y deben ser conocidas por cualquiera que podrán transitar los caminos de forma regular.

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April 3, 2015

Two People Injured when Car Slams Home in Libertyville

4315.jpgMany people who live in Chicago choose not to drive a personal vehicle even if they are of age to do so. The plethora of public transit options make travel by car unnecessary for some and the congested streets and limited parking make it undesirable for others. However, millions still ride in or drive a car on at least an occasional basis through the city streets in any given year as it fits their needs, and these drivers and passengers are at risk for becoming victims of a car accident.

In the simplest terms, a car accident is a collision involving one or more cars or similar vehicles. It may involve two cars colliding together or it may involve a single car striking a fixed object. In some instances, hundreds of cars may create a pile-up collision or an earlier crash may trigger a secondary one. With thousands of possible combinations of factors that can lead to a crash, it is not surprising that many victims of these incidents are confused about the legal implications of a collision in which they were involved and they may not know where to turn for answers. In Chicago and in the State of Illinois, victims are entitled to retain a personal injury lawyer to help them realize their positions and to enable those victims to get the financial compensation they deserve.

Police in Libertyville have confirmed that an incident occurred between a car and a home on Tuesday night and that two people were injured as a result. At this time, it appears that a driver was operating a vehicle on Ridgewood Lane after 6:00 p.m. when a medical condition caused the driver to lose control. The vehicle left the road's surface and collided with a private home and broken through one of the house's walls, partially entering the residence. Three people were in the car at the time and two people were inside the home.

An adult male and an adult female were in the front seats of the vehicle and were pinned inside from the impact. Both were freed by emergency responders and were transported to area hospitals for their injuries though both were expected to survive. A seven-year-old girl was in the backseat and appeared to be unharmed in the crash as were the two adults who were inside the house.

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