When Wrongful Death Claims are Available in Chicago

When the actions of another person affect your life, the laws in Illinois may provide an avenue toward financial relief. Civil claims can allow injured or harmed individuals to get their day in court and to obtain monetary compensation for the suffering they endured. But in some cases, no amount of money will ever be considered adequate, and in the case where someone loses their life, the wrong done can never be undone. However, relief can help a family move beyond an accident by allowing them the security to pay their bills, provide for children, and otherwise cover the monetary aspects of their loss.

If you have questions about the availability of a wrongful death claim for an incident that occurred in Illinois, speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand your options.

Generally, a wrongful death claim may be available where one person’s death was caused by another. It can be in the context of a medical mistake or a surgery that went wrong or it can involve an accident like a car crash or a fall. Wrongful death claims can also occur in the context of a job-related incident or where an employee is working on the clock and is killed. The facts surrounding a specific incident are crucial in determining whether legal liability exists following any deaths.

Claims may be brought against a person in an individual capacity when they are responsible for a death. Often, though, insurance policies may be available to pay on these claims or there may be another source of funding for injury victims to access. In some instances, a corporation, company, entity, city, or even a state may be liable and therefore responsible for the financial damages caused by the loss of a family member or loved one.

It is up to a victim’s surviving family members to bring a wrongful death lawsuit should they desire relief, and they must take action within a time period specified by the law or their claim will be barred. The time period can vary depending on the type of incident that led to a wrongful death and any other pertinent facts so it is wise for family members to act quickly should they desire help.

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