On-the-Job Car Accidents are Claiming Lives in Chicago

Countless Americans drive a vehicle for a living. Whether it is an 18-wheeler, a school bus, a garbage truck, or a taxi cab, there are citizens who spend the entirety of their working days on the roads. And even more drive at some point during their day and while on the clock, adding to the number of employees who use the roads and a vehicle as part of their jobs.

These individuals face a very real possibility of being the victim of a car accident in the Chicago area or elsewhere across Illinois. Unfortunately, the more time any driver spends operating a car, the greater the risk that she will be a victim of a crash. And if a collision takes place, it is possible that the employee who is driving may sustain injuries or even may be killed as a result.

While car accidents are so common that some may be considered a routine part of a big city’s traffic, being the victim of a crash is never ordinary. If you happen to be working at the time a collision takes place, the legal implications of that crash may be much more complicated and you may be left wondering what options you have for help and whether your employer is required to assist in your recovery.

The first step is to understand how big of an issue car accidents while on the job can be. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 1,766 deaths in 2010 alone among employees who were working in some form of transportation at the time of their deaths. While transportation deaths decreased in 2013, they were still responsible for approximately 40 percent of all workplace fatalities in the nation.

Both federal and state laws apply to ensure that employees are safe and are protected on their job sites. OSHA, the Occupational Safety Health Administration, is a federal organization designed to protect safe and healthy work environments for all types of employees. In the event that a work site is considered too dangerous, OSHA may be able to cite the employer, thereby leading to changes that will ensure safety in the future.

In addition, workers who fall victim to on-the-job collisions are protected with the civil right to seek relief against their employer, regardless of whether that employee was at-fault for the collision. The use of a workers’ compensation claim can help an employee receive the medical treatment she needs, paid time off of work, and can guarantee her return to her job once she is healthy again. These laws also prevent employers from retaliating against injured workers and may enable victims to obtain a lump sum settlement for their damages. Speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney in Chicago is one way to learn about the options that may exist for you if you were involved in a car accident or other incident while you were working.

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