Two Chicago Police Officers Hurt by Suspected Speeding Driver

How many car accidents do you notice in a typical month as you drive the streets of Chicago? If you are like most motorists, crashes are so common of an occurrence that you may not give them a second thought, as long as you are not involved in one. With several million people living in, working in, and visiting Chicago each week, the potential for heavy traffic and the resulting accidents in high, meaning that any street or intersection in the city can experience a collision.

Though the word “accident” is most commonly used to describe these incidents, rarely is it an accident that they occur. Instead, an error, mistake, or negligent conduct on the part of one or more drivers involved is the most likely cause of a crash. Studies suggest that one of the most common factors that lead to a crash is speeding with approximately half of all collisions involving at least one driver traveling over the posted speed limit or too fast for conditions. Despite the risks, a large number of motorists in America continue to admit they speed on a regular basis and believe that their actions do not pose a threat to others.

Late Saturday night to early Sunday morning, a car accident occurred between a marked Chicago Police Department squad car and a second vehicle near the intersection of Irving Park Road and Melvina Avenue. The crash of the city’s Northwest side is believed to have occurred when the police car, carrying two officers, was traveling eastbound with its lights and sirens activated when a southbound vehicle collided with the squad car. The impact was described as a “t-bone” collision by witnesses and it left both officers injured and in need of medical help.

Both officers were taken to area hospitals by emergency medical crews who responded to the scene. At this time, it has been confirmed that one of the officers suffered serious injuries, including broken bones, while the second officer’s injuries were believed to be less severe. The driver of the second vehicle did not sustain life-threatening injuries and reports indicate that the driver will be ticketed for speeding and for causing the crash.

Incidents between civilian cars and marked emergency response vehicles, whether they are squad cars, ambulances, or fire trucks, can be very difficult to sort through and to determine the legal implications of the accident. In some cases, the right-of-way may belong to the emergency vehicle while other cases may mandate that those vehicles yield.



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