4 Workers Hurt when Steel Beam Collapsed in Chicago

Millions of people who live in Chicago go to work every day, trusting that their workplace will be safe and free of unnecessary hazard. Certain professions have greater risks than others but in truth, any type of job in any type of setting can lead to an injury for a worker. Many officer workers are hurt annually while in Chicago and across Illinois despite the fact that most offices are free from obvious risks. Conversely, the number of construction workers, factory employees, and drivers who are hurt annually are astounding and the injuries sustained may range from the minor to the fatal.

While accidents continue to occur, workers in Chicago should know that local, state, and national laws protect them in the event they are injured while on the clock, regardless of who was at fault for the injuries. Employees may be entitled to paid medical treatment, missed wages, and a lump sum settlement if they choose to pursue a work injury claim after an accident leaves them injured. Though these rights exist, it can be difficult for a victim to seek relief without the assistance of a lawyer, so speaking with a personal injury attorney may help you understand your best option to proceed with your claim and what relief may be available to you.

Just after 9:00 a.m. Monday, a steel beam at a construction site in the Chicago loop collapsed, sending four workers to area hospitals for emergency treatment. An official investigation has been initiated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, as well as by authorities associated with the site.

Three of the workers reportedly were involved in attaching the beam at a site near Canal Street and Lake Street when two bolts gave way, sending the beam falling between 14 and 20 feet to the ground. The three employees working on the beam were on top of it at the time of the fall and therefore fell as well, causing them to be seriously injured. An additional worker who was in the area and on the ground was hurt as the beam fell. Three of the workers were listed in serious-to-critical condition while the fourth was believed to have sustained more minor injuries.

Though early in the investigation, authorities believe that all safety protocols were followed by the workers and it is unclear why the bolts gave way at this time.



No one should have to choose between their safety and doing their job. All work sites in Illinois should be kept and maintained in a safe condition so that workers are not placed in unnecessary harm, but too often, that is not the case.

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