Train Strikes and Kills Woman in Chicago

To this day, Chicago remains a major shipping destination for freight to be delivered across the nation and the globe by rail. Train tracks and rail lines crisscross the city, leaving an impression that all goods must reach Chicago by train. In addition to shipping freight, the city itself uses elevated and subterranean trains in its public transportation scheme from the far reaches of the city’s outskirts to the downtown loop. Add in the suburban train traffic handled by Metra and it is no wonder that trains can impact nearly every aspect of city life.

Most of the time, the trains in Chicago move from one location to another without incident. There may be delays or complications but accidents are rare. However, when a train accident does occur, often it is serious or even deadly. When two trains collide, the incident can affect thousands of passengers and leave those on the train at risk of serious injury, yet the most serious accidents often involve only one train. A large, heavy, fast-moving train that collides with a passenger car, or worse, a pedestrian, is almost certain to leave devastation in its path.

It appears that a tragic incident between a train and a woman occurred late Tuesday night in Chicago on the northwest side. Police have reported that a 56-year-old female was in the area of the Galewood Metra stop when a collision occurred between the woman and a train. It is not yet known why the train and the victim were in the same place at the same time or whether any safety procedures failed to warn the woman of the approaching train.

Emergency crews responded to the incident which occurred around 10:30 p.m. yesterday and the woman was transported to Loyola University Medical Center for treatment of her injuries. Doctors were unable to safe her life in the end after what was described as serious leg injuries. The woman was pronounced dead as a result of her injuries.

When negligence is the cause of a train accident, the laws of Illinois and of Chicago provide victims and their families with certain rights, including the right to bring a claim for financial damages against the responsible employee, the responsible rail line, or even the responsible individuals in charge of a station or crossing. The facts of each accident and the cause of each crash determine what claims may be available to victims.



After a train accident leaves you or your family member injured, you must bring a claim for your damages within a specified period of time or your right to recovery will be lost. To make sure your rights are protected, you should consider speaking with an injury lawyer following an accident so that appropriate legal action can be instituted on your behalf.

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