Suspected Drunk Driver Apprehended after Driving Car on Police Department’s Lawn

Drunk driving accidents are a serious problem in Chicago and across Illinois. These collisions can leave the drivers and passengers involved with serious injuries, and in the worst cases, victims can be killed due to the actions of a drunk driver.

Though nothing can undue these tragic accidents, the victims of drunk drivers may be entitled to relief for their injuries. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who handles car accident cases may help you understand whether you can recover for your medical and surgical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you have to endure. These claims can be available to accident victims regardless of whether a drunk driver is charged for his or her actions and even in many cases where an at-fault driver flees the scene of a crash and is never located.

In an unusual instance, police in Northbrook have reported that an intoxicated driver was charged after he drove onto the Northbrook Police Department’s lawn around 10:00 p.m on Saturday. The driver claimed he was heading to the police station to report harassing phone calls but he was unsure where to park, leading him to accidentally drive onto the lawn where his car became stuck. Officers believe the man was under the influence of alcohol at the time and they arrested the man, charging him with driving with a blood alcohol content in excess of the state limit, 0.08.

Reportedly, the man denied being intoxicated but did confirm that he consumed two beers earlier in the evening. He supposedly claimed that he intended to go to the gym with his son after stopping at the police station but that the incident prevented him from doing so.

Fortunately no collision occurred and no one was injured in this incident but for thousands of people in Chicago every year, that is not the case. They may be left in need of medical assistance due to the recklessness of a driver who chooses to operate drunk.



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