CDOT Worker Injured After Falling from Chicago Bridge

Workers in Chicago may face a number of threats while on the job every day. Different professions have different risks but the laws that protect workers are the same: if you are hurt on the job, you may be entitled to relief. It does not matter if you work in construction and with dangerous equipment or whether your job takes place in an office, sitting at a desk. Employers in Chicago are required to provide safe working environments and when you are injured on the clock, a workers’ compensation claim may be available to you.

Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand whether you have a valid claim for your injuries and whether you are entitled to compensation for time missed from work, injuries, and pain and suffering. In many cases, a lawyer can help you understand whether you have other claims in addition to a workers’ compensation claim due to your on-the-job injury.

Though any worker can become injured, some types of employees are more likely to suffer injuries than others. Among them are construction workers, assembly line employees, nurses, flight attendants, and teacher’s aids. In higher risk occupations, employees may have to lift heavy objects or may come into contact with hazardous substances. Jobs like construction often involve heavy machinery and active work sites that can contain a number of threats if not properly maintained.

Authorities confirmed yesterday that a Chicago Department of Transportation employee was injured after he fell from a bridge in the north Loop. The employee was working on the Randolph Street bridge with several other employees shortly before 12:00 p.m. when he fell into a hole near the bank. The bridge was raised at the time for routine spring maintenance and the hole housed the weights of the bridge used for raising and lowering the driving surface of the street.

The worker had to be removed from the hole and emergency crews transported him to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for evaluation and treatment of his injuries. Though expected to survive, his injuries were described as serious to critical as a result of the fall, which officials estimate was approximately 15 feet.



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