Dozens of Chicago Car Accidents Blamed on Winter Storm

Winter weather has wrecked havoc across Chicago over the last few months, but if drivers thought it was over, they may have been surprised this morning to find several inches of new snow blanketing the roads across the city. In addition to reminding those in Chicago that winter is still going strong, the fresh snow combined with icy and slushy roads in some areas created dangerous driving conditions across the state and forced many to alter their transportation plans.

Authorities with the Illinois State Police Department confirmed that at least 46 winter weather car accidents occurred between midnight and shortly after 4:00 a.m. with dozens more taking place during morning rush hour. At this time, it appeared that those early morning crashes did not result in any critical or life-threatening injuries.

Snow fell quickly and heavily through much of the Chicago area with some meteorologists attributing the heavy accumulation to the presence of thundersnow. Thundersnow is a rare type of storm with snow falling in place of rain in what otherwise would be a traditional thunderstorm. Though the phenomenon is rare, Chicago has experienced it several times in the last few winters.

The snow that fell during this snowstorm pushed total winter totals higher with O’Hare Airport reporting the third largest amount of snow in any winter since it began keeping totals. Hundreds of flights had to be cancelled or delayed due to the weather and thousands of Chicago residents are without power due to the storm.

Though winter weather is often a contributing factor to a car accident, it rarely is the sole cause. Generally, winter weather combines with hazardous or negligent driving to create an accident that otherwise may not have happened. These crashes can be serious and can lead to injuries among the drivers and passengers involved.

When a car accident is due to the negligence of one or more persons, those injured in the crash may be entitled to seek relief for their damages against the at-fault driver or other responsible party. This can provide an injured person with the means necessary to pay for medical bills or to make up for wages that went unearned while the victim recovered from the crash. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who handles car accident cases may be the best way to learn about what legal options are available to you following an accident.

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