Semi-Truck Hits Car in Plainfield

The commercial trucking industry is thriving with millions of vehicles on the nation’s roadways annually. With variety in their design and size, these vehicles can take on a number of different appearances so that a motorist may not spot one at first. Regardless of the type or function of a commercial truck, the vehicle may pose a threat to the safety of all drivers on a highway, expressway, freeway or local road because they tend to be heavier and more difficult to stop than other types of cars. Despite the potential of a truck accident posed when a commercial carrier is near, these vehicles continue to provide the lion’s share of transit in many national industries and their usage is expected to be in high demand for decades to come.

Simply put, it is easier for a truck to make a deliver to a specific locale than for many other forms of transportation. While freight transit by train is relatively cost effective, few distribution centers or local retailers have train tracks leading into their buildings or docks necessary to load and unload the freight. This means that much which travels by train will eventually find its way onto trucks for the final leg of its journey, again highlighting the prevalence and demand on the trucking industry.

While trucks may be needed, the accidents caused by trucks are not, and many of these collisions are serious and cause injuries to those involved. Victims who are hurt in Chicago-area truck accidents may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their injuries and their suffering if they bring their claims within the time period specified by law. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help clarify any issues in your case or any uncertainties you may have if a collision has affected your life or that of your loved one.

On Wednesday afternoon, shortly before 4:30 p.m., a semi-truck traveling on I-55 near Lockport Road in Plainfield was involved in a collision that left a man dead. Police have stated that the truck was driving north on I-55 when it came upon a car that had stopped, disabled on the road when the front end of the truck struck the car, causing a significant impact. The driver of the truck was hurt in the collision and was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where he is expected to recover. The driver of the stopped car, a 47-year-old man, was killed in the collision.

At this time, police are still reviewing the facts from the collision and trying to determine exactly what caused the semi-truck to collide with the car. The outcome of that investigation may drive authorities to issue citations or charges, if applicable.



Truck accidents can cause significant harm in just a second when they occur in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois. If you have been the victim of one, make sure you understand your legal options and make sure your rights are protected by calling the injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. today.

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