Actor Ryan Reynolds Hit by Car in Parking Lot, Driver Flees

Pedestrians are at risk for being involved in a collision as they walk along the streets of Chicago. Some people may notice or even appreciate the dangers faced by these walkers as they cross busy streets in pedestrian crosswalks or as they otherwise come near an area where motor vehicles travel. However, these are far from the only locations that may threaten the safety of pedestrians in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois. Every year, thousands of pedestrian accidents occur in a myriad of different settings and most of those result in injuries to the walkers involved.

In every state in the country, pedestrians are granted certain rights and protections under the law. These rights can vary from state to state and based upon the circumstances of any collision so it is important for victims to understand the intricacies of any law that may be a factor if they have been involved in a crash. In Chicago, pedestrians generally have the right to seek financial compensation when they are injured due to the actions of a driver and these claims can be brought against any responsible party. In many cases, multiple claims may be available and may enable an injured pedestrian to recover for the totality of the losses experienced, whether those losses take the form of medical bills, rehabilitative expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago or in Illinois can help those who have been hurt to understand the options and claims that may be available to them to help them recover.

Traffic accidents do not discriminate and can make anyone a victim, a fact that was reinforced this weekend when actor Ryan Reynolds was involved in a hit-and-run car accident on Friday, according to police in Vancouver. Reynolds, a Canadian native, reportedly was in Vancouver to film Deadpool, a spin off from the X-Men franchise that is expected to premier in theaters in 2016. Police have confirmed that the actor was walking in an underground parking garage when a paparazzo approached in a vehicle and struck Reynolds before fleeing the scene. Fortunately Reynolds was uninjured in the accident and was able to leave the area under his own power.

Police in Vancouver are still looking into the crash and are trying to identify the paparazzo involved to determine whether he should be issued any citations for his actions. Like in Chicago, fleeing the scene of an accident is against local laws in Vancouver as is striking a pedestrian with a vehicle even if injuries do not result.



Parking lot accidents are a common occurrence in Chicago whether they involve one vehicle, multiple vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists. The laws that apply to traffic accidents on the street may also apply in a parking lot setting and the victims of these crashes can still obtain financial relief if they are injured. If an at-fault driver flees the scene, it may be possible for a victim to obtain a recovery through the use of an uninsured motorist claim for relief, a type of coverage that many drivers carry with their own personal automobile insurance policy.

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