Two People Injured when Car Slams Home in Libertyville

Many people who live in Chicago choose not to drive a personal vehicle even if they are of age to do so. The plethora of public transit options make travel by car unnecessary for some and the congested streets and limited parking make it undesirable for others. However, millions still ride in or drive a car on at least an occasional basis through the city streets in any given year as it fits their needs, and these drivers and passengers are at risk for becoming victims of a car accident.

In the simplest terms, a car accident is a collision involving one or more cars or similar vehicles. It may involve two cars colliding together or it may involve a single car striking a fixed object. In some instances, hundreds of cars may create a pile-up collision or an earlier crash may trigger a secondary one. With thousands of possible combinations of factors that can lead to a crash, it is not surprising that many victims of these incidents are confused about the legal implications of a collision in which they were involved and they may not know where to turn for answers. In Chicago and in the State of Illinois, victims are entitled to retain a personal injury lawyer to help them realize their positions and to enable those victims to get the financial compensation they deserve.

Police in Libertyville have confirmed that an incident occurred between a car and a home on Tuesday night and that two people were injured as a result. At this time, it appears that a driver was operating a vehicle on Ridgewood Lane after 6:00 p.m. when a medical condition caused the driver to lose control. The vehicle left the road’s surface and collided with a private home and broken through one of the house’s walls, partially entering the residence. Three people were in the car at the time and two people were inside the home.

An adult male and an adult female were in the front seats of the vehicle and were pinned inside from the impact. Both were freed by emergency responders and were transported to area hospitals for their injuries though both were expected to survive. A seven-year-old girl was in the backseat and appeared to be unharmed in the crash as were the two adults who were inside the house.

When a car accident happens in the Chicago area and people are injured, those who are hurt may have valid claims to obtain relief for their losses. In a typical case, this can include medical expenses, rehabilitative care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These claims are available in many instances including those where a passenger is harmed by the actions of a driver in the same car.



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