Posen Car Accident Leaves Pedestrian Dead

It is a daily activity for millions who live in Chicago – walking outdoors. Whether you walk from your parked vehicle to an apartment, to a bus stop, or to the train, chances are that you walk some distance outside on most days. Chicago is known for a large pedestrian presence and that is part of the reason that some city officials place such a focus on the safety of these walkers.

Despite the fact that nearly everyone walks, pedestrian accidents continue to occur in Chicago and continue to injure hundreds to thousands every year. Until all pedestrian collisions are eliminated, those who walk in Chicago will continue to be at risk for injuries and for lasting damage due to the actions of drivers on the streets, and tragically this is true even when a pedestrian does nothing wrong. While the law cannot erase a crash once it has occurred, it can enable a victim to obtain financial compensation to cover the losses suffered by that victim including any medical bills that may be incurred. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer can provide you with the information you need if you have been the victim of an accident or if your loved one was hurt while a pedestrian.

Police in Posen were alerted to the scene of a crash between an SUV and a pedestrian early Thursday morning and they responded to the area. Upon arrival, it was clear that the pedestrian was critically hurt in the crash and he was pronounced dead at some point during the morning.

The incident happened near the 12600 block of South California Avenue and involved just the two parties but officials have not released information as to why the two collided or whether either individual erred prior to the impact. Further, it is not yet known whether the driver of the SUV will be cited for his or her actions in the collision though police have stated that their review of the facts of the facts of the case is ongoing at this time.

The chances of any pedestrian becoming the victim of a collision can vary based upon where that pedestrian walks, whether the intersections are controlled for pedestrian transit, what time of day and what day of the week the walker is outdoors, and other factors. Generally, the more time any person spends walking the streets of Chicago, the more likely a crash will occur.

If you are involved in a collision, it may seem like no one is on your side or fighting for your rights. In fact, it is up to a pedestrian to seek their own relief in Illinois and that relief can be obtained through the use of a civil claim for damages. Unlike any charges that may be brought by police or state officials, a civil claim is designed to provide relief for those who are hurt – in the event of a pedestrian accident, that means the pedestrian who was injured and/or that pedestrian’s loved ones.



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