Train, Semi-Truck Collide in Addison

Trains can vary in length, weight, and design and each change in a train can have a significant result in the way in which the train travels. Since trains vary with their speed and their cargo as well, the results of a train accident can vary substantially from one incident to another. Add in other factors like a secondary vehicle that may be involved, the location of a train crash, and any factors beyond the control of the conductor and the variation in collisions is astounding.

One thing that remains relatively constant among these collisions is the damage that results. Because it is difficult and time-consuming to slow or stop a train, many impacts cause extensive damage to the train and/or other vehicles involved, often leading to injuries among victims and in some cases, causing death. The fallout from train crashes in the Chicago area can have such a substantial toll that there are numerous laws in place specifically to protect the victims of these incidents.

Victims can bring a cause of action for their injuries and against those who are legally at fault for their harm, whether it is a train company, a city or municipality, a government agency, individuals on board the train, or even those in another vehicle like a car. Claims are separate and unique from any charges that may be leveled following the crash and can exist even if no charges are brought. A typical claim for damages involves a victim seeking payment and other relief for the full extent of the harm she suffered including her medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. If you have been injured in a train crash or if someone you loved lost their life, speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you realize whether you have a valid claim and if so, what types of relief you may be able to obtain by bringing a cause of action.

Officials in Addison, Illinois have confirmed that a train crash involving a semi-truck happened there this morning but they have not yet been able to confirm if anyone was hurt. Details are still emerging but it appears that the train was traveling near a street-level crossing at Grace Street when it collided with a semi-truck carrying mail that was on the tracks. It is not yet clear whether there were any warning devices at that intersection like crossing gates, and if so, whether those warning devices functioned properly.

Officials from multiple agencies were on the scene of the crash this morning in an attempt to recreate the facts from the impact and to determine whether anyone involved erred prior to the collision.



If you were a passenger on a train, an employee working on a train, or a driver or passenger of a car that was involved in a train accident and you were injured, make sure your rights are not ignored by contacting a lawyer today. The firm of Abels & Annes, P.C. has helped countless train accident victims obtain the relief that they deserved in their cases and if you are in need of help, we want to help you as well.

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