1 Dead, 1 Injured when Motorcycle and Bicycle Collide in Chicago

If you follow the rules of the road in Illinois, you should be able to make it from Point A to Point B without any issues. Your safety should not be compromised and you should not be involved in any type of traffic accident. Unfortunately, what should or should not happen on the streets of Chicago is not the way that reality works in the city. Rather, anyone – whether they are the driver of a car, a bicyclist, a pedestrian, or a motorcyclist – is at the mercy of others in the area and a mistake by another can leave anyone injured when a collision occurs.

Among the various types of collisions that can happen, some are more likely than others to result in injuries or even death. Pedestrian crashes, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle collisions are some types that result in a large number of injuries because those involved have little to nothing to protect themselves in the event of an impact. In contrast, those riding in a vehicle like a car or a van are injured at a lower rate and those in very large vehicles like a semi-truck are injured even less.

When injuries happen, the laws in Chicago are designed to protect the innocent and not those who are responsible for a crash. While an at-fault driver may face fines or charges from local authorities, that legal action is not designed to directly benefit a victim. Instead, it is up to a victim to personally bring a type of claim known as a civil action for personal injuries to obtain the relief that victim needs, including compensation for his or her medical expenses. Speaking with an attorney who handles these claims can illuminate the various options for relief that may exist in a case as well whether a financial settlement is possible.

Local authorities in Chicago are still sorting through the details of a collision that happened in Old Irving Park on Wednesday and that claimed the life of a bicyclist who was involved. They report that the cyclist was operating in the 4300 block of West Addison Street in the proximity of a motorcyclist when the two individuals collided for reasons that are not yet clear.

Emergency crews were on the scene and transported both the cyclist and the motorcyclist to area hospitals for treatment. Unfortunately, the bicyclist’s injuries were too severe and the cyclist was pronounced dead as a result. The motorcyclist survived the crash but the extent of that victim’s injuries and current status are not available at this time.

Police are conducting an investigation to determine why the vehicles collided and whether an error on the part of anyone involved played a role.



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