Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Illinois, Leaving One Hurt

A small plane traveling to Waukegan had to make an emergency landing west of Plano, Illinois last Sunday morning, leaving one passenger injured. Local sheriffs were called to an open field near the intersection of Cook Road and Sedgewick Road in Kendall County after witnesses reported a possible plane accident.

When they arrived, officials noticed a propeller plane in a field west of Cook Road. The pilot had previously reported engine problems and was forced to bring the plane down before reaching the intended destination of Waukegan, according to the FAA.

Two people were on board the plane and one of them sustained minor injuries. Though the other passenger did not complain of injuries, both were taken to Valley West Hospital for examination and treatment, the second as a precaution. The condition of the individuals involved is not currently known.

The facts surrounding the emergency landing remain equally unclear at this time. Though the pilot reported engine problems, even that has yet to be substantiated. Officials have been able to confirm that the plane originated from an airport near St. Louis and that the registered owner of the plane resides in Mundelein, Illinois.

In addition to local sheriffs, the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident since that organization has jurisdiction over airplanes. Though each incident is different, typically it takes several weeks to months for the NTSB to release any findings, including what they determine to be the cause of the emergency landing.

Airplanes continue to be a relatively safe way to travel, but that does not mean that accidents and injuries never occur. When a passenger boards an airplane, the passenger’s safety is placed in the pilot’s hands, as well as the hands of the company who manufactured the plane and anyone who performed maintenance on the plane before a trip. When a collision, crash, or other incident occurs, it is not the passenger’s fault and any passenger who is injured may have a monetary claim for their damages. In many cases, a pilot or other employee may also have a claim.

It is important to learn your legal rights as soon as possible after a crash so that you can seek all the relief you are entitled to under the law. If you wait, a statute of limitations may bar you from making a recovery you would otherwise receive.

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