Fleeing Suspect Causes 4 Car Crash in Chicago, 1 Dead

A suspect in a shooting in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago was reportedly fleeing from police when he caused a four vehicle crash on Saturday. The shooting occurred in the 100 block of Springfield Avenue and the driver reportedly took off in a vehicle headed north. When he got to the intersection of Pulaski Road and Chicago Avenue, he crashed into two separate cars.

A 35-year-old female in one of the two cars hit by the alleged shooter died in the crash. The driver of one of the two cars lost control of the vehicle, which struck a CTA bus near the intersection. The shooting suspect and four others were taken to area hospitals for examination and treatment. The CTA driver did not appear to be among the injured. The victim in the shooting has also received medical care for a gunshot wound to the leg; he is expected to survive.

At the time of the crash, the alleged shooter was being pursued by police officers who responded to the shooting. It is not yet clear how close the officers were to the suspect as he approached the intersection.

The fleeing suspect in this case acted recklessly by putting his own safety and the safety of every other driver on the road in danger. His reckless driving did not even pay off because in the end, he was apprehended by police. He received medical treatment and then was released into police custody where authorities will determine what crimes, if any, he will face.

In addition to the shooting, the suspect may also face traffic or criminal charges related to his driving. These charges may be very serious since an innocent woman lost her life in the crash.

Car accidents can happen in a moment’s time. All it takes is a distracted driver or a driver in a rush to act negligently and to cause a crash. On average, there are over 750 automobile collisions every day in the state of Illinois. Many of those result in injuries and some even deaths.



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