Pedestrian Hit By Metra Train

Train accidents can happen anywhere a train runs and can involve only one train or multiple trains. Other vehicles, like cars and buses, may be involved in an accident as can foreign objects on the tracks. Of all of the types of train-related collisions, one of the most severe is when a train collides with a pedestrian. These instances almost always lead to serious injuries, or often, to the death of the pedestrian.

Many pedestrian-involved collisions happen in highly populated areas with a lot of train traffic and a lot of foot traffic crossing train tracks or intersections. In Illinois, this means that many of these collisions happen in Chicago and the surrounding areas and involve either city CTA trains, commuter Metra trains, or other long distance trains, like Amtrak or commercial carriers of freight.

Injury lawyers know that these accidents can be devastating and it can be difficult for victims to obtain the relief they deserve. It can also be hard to determine who is at fault and whether any safety malfunctions contributed to the crash.

Unfortunately police have confirmed that a collision between a Metra train and a pedestrian occurred this morning in Tinley Park though it is not yet clear if that collision happened at the Metra station located in the village. Right now, officials can only confirm that a train hit a pedestrian and that the train and two inbound trains to Chicago were stopped as a result.

The condition of the victim is not currently known, nor is it clear if that person survived the initial impact.

Police and Metra officials are beginning their investigations to learn why this crash happened and whether negligence on the part of any party lead to the collision between the train and the pedestrian.



When all parties put safety first and all signal and warning equipment works properly, trains and pedestrians can use the same areas harmoniously, with the right-of-way belonging to only one group at a time. Yet when a mistake occurs or when equipment fails, these collisions can and sometimes do result, leaving the pedestrian at serious risk of injury or death. Additionally, those on the train, including passengers and employees, are also at risk in any crash, which can lead to injuries for those on board. The initial impact of a collision may cause an injury as can a subsequent train derailment, especially if one or more train cars roll over or jerk suddenly.

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