Chicago Rollover Crash Leaves Driver Dead

With nearly three million residents in Chicago and with many more in the surrounding communities, there are people constantly traveling and commuting, whether by train, car, or bus. Hundreds of thousands use the expressways daily and the majority of these individuals have a safe, uneventful ride. But unfortunately, car accidents occur every day on these roads, leading to serious injuries or even death in some cases.

The Dan Ryan expressway is one of the most traveled routes into Chicago and can experience heavy traffic at any time of day. Heavy traffic can increase the chances that an accident will occur, as can other factors, including drivers who are distracted, overly tired, unfamiliar with the area, or under the influence. Yet in some cases, it can be difficult to determine exactly what lead to a crash.

Injury lawyers know that accidents on expressways usually involve high speeds which can make injuries very likely. In the case of an accident that causes damages to another, a lawyer may be able to help the victim make a recovery from the at-fault party.

Police are still investigating what caused a Wednesday morning collision on the Dan Ryan that left one driver dead and six people in another vehicle at risk of injuries. It appears that a 41-year-old man from Calumet Park was driving an SUV shortly after midnight when he struck the rear of a car in front of him, causing a collision that forced the car to spin and strike a concrete barrier. The SUV left the road’s surface and rolled over, leading to injuries that claimed the SUV driver’s life.

The car had six people inside at the time of the impact and it appears that none of them were seriously injured in the crash.

Car accidents happen but when one or more people are to blame for a collision, a victim may have a legal right to make a recovery for his or her damages, including the injuries incurred and any medical bills that need to be paid. These claims can be made against a driver, an owner of a car, a city or municipality, or even a corporation that owned the vehicle at the time of the collision. The facts of each accident determine if a claim is possible, and, if so, who may be legally responsible for the damages sustained.



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