In Chicago, Illinois Pedestrian Fatalities Increase

Pedestrian deaths have recently increased in Chicago, Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune. This is occurring even as the City has taken on new safety programs over the last several years such as countdown signals and red light cameras. There were 56 pedestrian deaths in Chicago last year, up from 49 in 2007, and 48 in 2006.

The Chicago Department of Transportation has put forth several theories for the increase, such as bad pavement markings and signage, and construction projects. They also state that there has been an increase of pedestrian traffic in Chicago.

The Tribune story lists pedestrian accident hot spots in the Chicago; intersections that for some reason are more prone to be the location of a collision. Intersections along Lake Shore Drive, Stony Island Avenue, Madison Street and Ashland Avenue are likely to have pedestrian accidents. The intersection of Chicago Avenue and Cicero Avenue is listed as a particularly dangerous location.

As a pedestrian in Chicago, it is a good idea to be as defensive as possible. Whenever possible, cross in a crosswalk, obey the walk signs, and always keep an eye out for traffic, even when you are rightfully and lawfully crossing the street.

Our law firm has represented many pedestrians who were in a crosswalk with the right-of-way that were hit by negligent drivers. In my experience, it is most common that pedestrians are hit by drivers making a right or left turn at an intersection when the driver fails to notice the pedestrian.

Abels & Annes currently represents a pedestrian who was hit by a car and and barely survived, suffering severe injuries. He was hit directly in front of a well marked pedestrian crossing sign.

If you are a pedestrian that has been hit and injured by a motor vehicle, contact Abels & Annes for a free consultation.

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