National Safety Months Aims to Reduce Risks of Slip and Fall Accidents in Chicago and Elsewhere

We are currently in the middle of the Nation Safety Council‘s National Safety Month.

June 19th through the 25th is designated to raise awareness of slips, trips and falls. These types of incidents are a common occurrence for personal injury claims in Chicago and elsewhere in the country. As a matter of fact, falls are the number one cause of unintentional injury in the United States. These incidents result in nearly 9 million visits to hospital emergency rooms every year.Our Chicago personal injury lawyers would like to remind residents that these types of incidents can occur virtually anywhere. Someone can experience a serious injury from falling because of mopped floors, broken sidewalks and parking lots, defective stairways, spills on the floor, unnatural accumulations of ice or snow, or other types of unmarked hazards. Business owners in certain circumstances can be held responsible as it is their responsibility to keep the public safe on their grounds.

The older population, those ages 55 and older, are more prone to being a victim of a serious fall. These falls can change a person’s life dramatically and for the worse — too often diminishing one’s ability to lead and active and independent life. Residents in this age group experience four times as many deaths resulting from falls than those in any other age group.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 30 percent of adults over the age of 60 will fall. It is these types of falls that can result in serious injury, including, head traumas and hip fractures. These falls can greatly increase the risk of an early death.

Falls may be more common than you think:

-More than 2 million people experienced nonfatal falls that resulted in injury in 2009. These people were treated emergency rooms. More than 580,000 of these people were treated in the hospital.

-There were more than 18,000 older adults that died from injuries sustained from these unintentional falls.

-Falls experienced by people 65-years-old and older make up the leading cause injury death in this age group. These falls are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma.

-The death rates of older adults from falls has risen dramatically over the last 10 years.

-Direct medical costs from these slip and falls cost Nearly $20 billion for nonfatal injuries and nearly $180 million for fatal falls.

How can older adults help to prevent these falls?:

-Have your eyes examines by an eye doctor. Be sure to make an appointment at least once a year to update your eyeglasses to maximize your vision.

-Make sure you exercise regularly. Exercises that focus on increasing leg strength and improving balance are most important.

-Make sure you are getting enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet.

-Be sure that you’re regularly screened and/or treated for osteoporosis.

-Make your home is safe as possible by reducing all tripping hazards. You can also add grab bars and railings. It wouldn’t hurt to enhance the lighting in your house either.

-Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your current medicines. Be sure to include both prescription and over-the counter medicines. Consulting with a physician can help to reduce side effects and interactions that may cause dangerous dizziness or drowsiness.

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