Chicago Resident Killed After Falling Into Machine At Recycling Plant

In Chicago, Illinois a man died on Friday at a South Side recycling plant after he fell into a machine, according to Julio Flores-Garcia, 39, a Chicago resident, was killed in a paper-baling machine at 3301 W. 48th Place.

It is being reported that the autopsy is showing that the man died from multiple crushing injuries, and that the death was ruled an accident. Police were called Friday afternoon and were told that a man fell into a machined and died. The Chicago Police Department has detectives investigating the accident.

After a tragic accident like this one, it is likely that the family of the victim will retain a Chicago personal injury lawyer. That lawyer will investigate as to how the accident occurred and also whether there is a potential products liability case. The attorney is going to look into if there was something defective about the machine and if the accident could have been prevented.

It has not been reported if the victim was employed at the business. If he was, the family of Flores-Garcia will be able to collect under workers’ compensation. If he was not employed at the plant, the attorney can investigate whether the company is liable for some type of negligence.

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