Libertyville police conducting special patrols in an effort to reduce Illinois DUI accidents on St. Patrick’s Day

In an effort to reduce Chicago area car crashes, the Libertyville, Illinois Police Department is running special patrols this St. Patrick’s Day week, according to Tribune Local. They are taking a zero tolerance stance against impaired drivers.

Police chief Clint Herdegen is stating that if you drink and drive in Libertyville on St. Patrick’s Day, you lose. The chief is recommending that you select a designated driver before you start celebrating, and to act responsibly or risk getting arrested.

The Tribune article goes on to state that, according to IDOT, over the past five years an average of 15 people lose their lives in Illinois car crashes on St. Patrick’s Day. Over that same time span, over 1200 people were injured in an Illinois auto accidents.

The article also gave the following safety tips for party hosts:

Make sure all of your guests have designated drivers.

Provide non-alcoholic beverage options and serve food.

Have phone numbers available for local taxicab companies.

Take the keys away from anyone you believe is impaired at your party.

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