Illinois workers compensation attorneys reach $231,000 settlement

Chicago work injury lawyers at Abels & Annes, have resolved two claims on behalf of a local resident for just over $231,000.

The first claim stems from a accident that occurred back in 2006 when our client was injured at work while lifting heavy boxes from a shipping door. He injured his left arm in the accident.

As our client underwent medical treatment, physicians determined he needed an MRI as his condition was not improving. The scan showed he had sustained a left rotator cuff tear.

The claimant was injured again at work in 2007 as he was repairing molding. At that time he re-tore for his left rotator cuff and sustained a right rotator cuff tear as well.

In addition to obtaining a six-figure settlement on behalf of the client, we worked to ensure that he received disability pay while off work and reasonable medical care related to the accident.

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