In an effort to reduce Chicago car accidents, major insurance carrier to monitor and reward safe drivers

In an effort to reduce Chicago auto accidents and injuries, Allstate insurance is launching a voluntary program to reward and closely monitor safe drivers, according to the Star Tribune. They will be placing devices in cars that monitor speed, braking and mileage, and are further offering savings of up to 30 percent on insurance premiums.

The insurance company, based in Northbrook, Illinois, is calling the program “Drive Wise” and they plan on expanding the program into other states this year.

The device they are placing in cars is wireless and about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It gets plugged into the vehicle’s on-board computer.

Allstate drivers also get a 10% discount just for role enrolling. In the future, the motorist will receive a performance rating where the driver could receive a bigger discount based on his or her performance on the road. Other auto insurance companies such as Progressive and State Farm have also begun using similar devices.

The Tribune article raises an issue interesting issue, which is whether a Chicago car accident attorney could subpoena or request in discovery the information collected from the electronic device for use in a personal injury lawsuit. In Illinois, I believe the answer would be yes, if the device allows you to determine speed and braking for a particular date and time. I do not believe the information collected would be unlimited in scope, allowing attorneys to argue whether a particular plaintiff or defendant had good or bad overall driving habits.

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This blog article is in no way intended to endorse Allstate insurance and is not meant to give an opinion as to whether the insurance carrier is better or worse than any of its competitors (although I do like the actor in the Allstate mayhem commercials).

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