Chicago work injury lawyer reaches settlement

An Illinois workers’ compensation attorney at Abels & Annes has reached a settlement on behalf of of an employee that was injured in January 2010. The claimant was working in an auto parts store in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago when he sustained back injuries while lifting heavy brake parts.

Shortly after the work injury was sustained, our client was seen at the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital emergency room for medical treatment.

Over the next several days, the claimant’s pain increased. Soon he sought further medical care with an orthopedic physician in Chicago. After limited improvement in therapy, his doctor ordered an MRI scan which detected a protruding disc.

The case settled for just over $11,000, plus we recovered over $6,500 in disability pay for our client while he was off work. Further, the respondent paid for all of the claimant’s medical care related to the work injury.

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