Illinois Resident Hits House With Car – Charged With DUI

A Morrison, Illinois man faces driving while intoxicated charges after he hit a house with his car, according to the Quad City Times. The Whiteside County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that the accident happened at Henry Road and Deer Trace Road just outside Morrison. Karl R. Schmidt, 20, was westbound on Deer Trace Lane when he lost control of car, went through the intersection of Henry Road, and struck the home of Jean Reed at 15459 Heny Road.

Both the home and the car were damaged. The driver fled the scene and was later stopped by sheriff’s deputies. He was arrested and has since posted bond and been released.

While this seems like a bizarre accident, it has not been such a rarity in Illinois lately.

Ealier this month in Downstate Illinois, a 15 year old girl crashed a car into a house in the town of Shiloh. After the auto accident police discovered a woman dead in the house. Sheriff investigators believed that the woman was struck and killed in the car crash. The girl, who had another teenage passenger with her, was taken to the sheriff’s department to be interviewed.

The girl was soon released to her parents when the Sheriff’s Department determined that the woman was already dead at the time of the car crash. They are not exactly sure when she died, but at least several hours before the crash.

Further, David Abels & Associates, P.C. recently settled a personal injury case where a woman was at home in bed when her elderly neighbor lost control of her car, drove through a wall of the house, and struck our client’s bed. The plaintiff only incurred minor injuries and the case settled for $10,000.

If this trend continues, could Illinois homes soon come equipped with seatbelts and airbags?

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