Chicago Premises Liability, Personal Injury Lawyers Receive Binding Arbitration Award

Chicago, Illinois premises liability, accident injury lawyers from David Abels & Associates, P.C., working with the firm of Trobe & Babowice of Waukegan, Illinois have been awarded $86,000 ($172,000, reduced to $86,000 for 50% comparative fault) in a premises liability arbitration. The arbitration had low of $5,000 and a high of $100,000 (meaning the most the plaintiff could be awarded was $100,000 and the least the plaintiff could be awarded was $5,000).

The case stems from an accident that happened in the defendant’s home where the plaintiff was helping work on a kitchen. The plaintiff was using an electric saw to cut a board and the defendant was holding the board still. The defendant lost his grip and dropped the board, causing the saw to slice off the end of two of the plantiff’s fingers. The defendant denied he was anywhere near the plaintiff when the accident occurred.

The defense also retained an expert to testify that the plaintiff was using the saw improperly as a grinder, and that the improper use was the cause of the injury. The plaintiff argued that improper use was irrelevent and that the accident only occurred because the defendant dropped the board.

The arbtration took place at ADR Systems of America in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about personal injury arbitrations and mediations, please click here to visit our website.

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