Illinois Gov. Hoping to Reduce Auto Accident Deaths and Personal Injuries This Thanksgiving

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has announced on his website that, with the hope of reducing car crash fatalities and personal injury accidents, IDOT, the Illinois State Police, and other local police departments will be cracking down on drivers who do not buckle up this holiday weekend. Police are to take a zero tolerance approach when issuing tickets during this upcoming “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

Law enforcement agencies will be setting up seat belt check points in various parts of the state. The State Police will run over 2,100 details focusing on seat belts, speeding, DUI, and underage drinking in an attempt to reduce deaths and injury accidents. The Governor’s Office reports that “in 2006, 17 fatal crashes resulting in 20 fatalities occurred during the five day Thanksgiving holiday weekend.”

Over the past several weeks in the Chicago area alone, failure to wear seat belts has been a factor in several serious injury auto accidents.Click here to read entire story.

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