Chicago Illinois Car Crash Injures 2 Police Officers

In Chicago, Illinois 2 police officers were injured in a hit and run auto accident on Monday night. The Chicago Police Officers were out of the Harrison District and the accident occurred at 800 S. Sacramento Avenue.

The officers were trying to stop a car in a drug investigation, and the vehicle ended up hitting the police car and fleeing the scene. One officer suffered a broken arm in the collision. The officers were treated and released from Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Most individuals involved in this type of case could potentially have a workers’ compensation claim because they were injured on the job, and a hit and run claim to make with there own insurance company. However, here the injured persons are Chicago police officers and there claims are covered by union contract, not workers’ compensation or or uninsured motorist coverage. Potentially, if the hit and run driver is ever caught, they could have a civil injury claim against the at fault driver.Click here for entire story.

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