Icy Roads May Have Started Chain Reaction Crashes in Illinois

Winter driving can be challenging and can lead to dangerous conditions for all drivers. Whenever snow or ice are present on a road’s surface, a hazardous situation may result. Bad weather makes it more difficult to slow or stop and can lead to collisions between drivers.

Chain reaction crashes are common when the roads are slippery and when drivers do not leave enough distance to stop. Often, these crashes turn deadly, like the recent Indiana chain reaction crash that left four people dead.

Several chain reactions occurred on Monday in Will County on I-55 and the incidents may have started with icy roads. Police believe that two vehicles hit ice on I-55 and lost control, leaving the roadway’s surface and stopping in the center ditch. Traffic began to slow and stop in response to the two vehicles and led to long delays in the area. Several approaching cars were not able to maintain control of their vehicles and caused rear-end collisions.

One of the drivers unable to stop was in a semi truck and rear-ended an SUV before striking a small car. A second car struck the first and then was hit by a third with several of the cars ending up off the road. In a separate chain reaction, a different semi truck struck a different SUV before colliding wiht a second semi, causing the metal being hauled by the second semi to spill on the road. In all, at least six people were injured in the chain-reaction crashes on I-55 and needed medical help.

The wreckage left portions of I-55 closed for a short period of time while crews tried to remove debris and open lanes for traffic to pass. The current conditions of the victims of the crash are not known but all were expected to survive.

Some accidents are no one’s fault and cannot be avoided, but in the majority of crashes, negligence plays a large part. If the actions of one driver causes another person to become injured, the laws in Chicago allow the victim to seek relief for their damages, including the medical expenses they had to incur, as a result of the crash. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer is the best way to learn about what options may be available to you if you have been hurt in a car accident.

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