Chicago Car Crash Leaves 8 Injured

Whether you drive in Chicago, in the suburban cities, or elsewhere in Illinois, there is always a potential risk of being involved in an accident. Even the safest, most cautious driver in the state can become a victim if another motorist is driving negligently or fails to pay attention to the road. Many car accidents are minor and fortunately involve only damage to the vehicles involved, leaving the occupants of the cars unharmed. Not every accident turns out this way, though, with many leaving drivers, passengers, or even others on the road hurt or killed as a result of a crash.

Injury lawyers who represent the victims of car accidents understand that these collisions are often not mere accidents but rather are caused by one or more drivers. Failing to drive in a safe and reasonable manner may lead to a crash and it may also lead to liability on the part of a negligent driver, who may face traffic and criminal charges as well as personal injury claims brought by the victims of the accidents. State laws allow injury victim to seek their own relief so that they can obtain proper and fair compensation for their damages, including their injuries and the expenses they have been forced to incur.

Often, it is not immediately apparent what led to a collision between two or more vehicles and it may take trained experts some time to sort out the details. That may be the case with an early morning accident in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood that left eight people injured.

Around 5:30 a.m., police responded to the area of Kimball and Fullerton where they determined that two vehicles had collided, seriously injuring several people involved and leaving both vehicles with substantial damage. One car had three people inside that had to be removed from the vehicle. It is unclear whether there were others in that car that were able to escape on their own power.

All eight people involved were transported to area hospitals including Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, and John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County. All victims were described as adults but their ages and their current conditions remains unknown.

Cook County has more car accidents every year than any other county in the state. The reasons for that include the large population, especially in Chicago, and the large number of drivers that take to the roads every day. Additionally, many who drive in Cook County are not familiar with the areas they travel, a factor that can lead to a large number of accidents.



In some collisions, neither driver is to blame for the crash and outside factors bear the responsibility of the collision. But in the majority of accidents, at least one driver made a mistake or error in judgment that allowed an impact to occur. If another driver was responsible for an accident that left you injured, even if you were a passenger in the at-fault driver’s vehicle, you may be entitled to financial relief for the injuries you sustained.

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