Firefighters injured in Chicago car accident with passenger vehicle

Five Chicago firefighters and two motorists were injured Saturday in a car accident on the city’s South Side.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the fire truck was responding to a call just after 5 p.m. when it was struck by a passenger car.

Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said a woman in the car was “very critically injured,” and the driver was in serious condition. He said four firefighters were treated and released Saturday evening, while one was being kept overnight for observation.

The fire truck was responding to a fire call when the accident happened at 67th Street and Jeffrey, ABC7 News reported. The two vehicles ended up crashing into a traffic light pole and knocking it over.

He said police were investigating the crash but few details were available. None of the victims’ names has been released.

Regardless of who is determined to be at fault, a Chicago car accident lawyer could help determine the rights of the victims in this type of accident.

Earlier this month, we blogged about increased enforcement of the state law requiring motorists to move over or yield to emergency vehicles.

The Chicago fire department has almost 5000 employees and operates 129 Engine companies and 62 trucks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as many as half of the more than 5,000 work-related fatalities each year are the result of an auto accident.

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