Chicago bicyclist severely injured by opening car door

Chicago personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes have entered into an agreement to represent a Chicago bike rider that was seriously injured this past week by an opening car door on the North Side. The accident took place in the 3600 block of Southport between Addison and Waveland on August 15, 2009. Our client was riding southbound when a driver who was not paying attention swung his car door open into traffic, causing him and another biker to fall. The Chicago Police Department investigated the accident.

The Chicago bicyclist was treated the same day in the ER at John Stroger Cook County Hospital in Chicago. There he was x-rayed and diagnosed with fractures in his right wrist, left elbow, and left clavicle.

Since the accident he has followed up with Greenleaf Orthopaedics in Lake County, Illinois, and has been informed that he will need to undergo surgery to repair his elbow fracture. The procedure is scheduled for later this week.

As we have stated in previous articles, careless motorists opening car doors into traffic is a serious hazard to bikers in the Chicago area. Especially during summer months, drivers have to be aware of the large number of bike riders on the streets of Chicago.

Our law firm currently represents another bike rider who was hit by a car door a month ago. He is currently paralyzed, he suffered a collapsed lung, and his future health is uncertain at this time.

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