Elderly Driver Killed in Aurora Truck Accident

If you ask drivers around Chicago about their least favorite type of people behind the wheel, you may hear terms for elderly drivers used over and over again. The popular belief is that older Americans cause and are involved in more collisions than their younger counterparts, and in some cases, that is true. The complicated full picture illustrates that age alone does not translate into an increased risk for a car accident happening but rather that the medical and other conditions associated with aging may. Decreased vision, mental fogginess, and slower reflexes make these motorists a threat to themselves and to others on the road. At the same time, though, some older adults show no signs of impairment as they age and may pose no greater risk than anyone else.

Car accidents involving elderly drivers happen annually in the Chicago area and can leave numerous victims wondering what options are available to them to help them get relief. Generally, the laws of Illinois allow those who are hurt to seek compensation against an at-fault driver, the owner of an at-fault vehicle, an insurance company, a corporation, or even a city or municipality, depending on the specific facts of a crash. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago can illuminate all available options if you have been injured and you are unsure how to proceed or whether you have a valid claim.

Officials in Aurora confirmed that one of the drivers involved in a fatal car accident on Tuesday was an 89-year-old man and that, unfortunately, that man lost his life in the collision that occurred near Eola and Diehl Roads in the afternoon hours. Officials have stated that the man was driving westbound on Diehl with his 87-year-old wife in the car when he allegedly ran a red light, causing his vehicle to enter the intersection when opposing traffic had the right-of-way. A semi-truck was in the intersection at the time and the two vehicles collided with significant force, causing the driver of the truck to lose control of the vehicle which then struck a second car.

Emergency medical crews were on the scene and assessed all passengers in the three vehicles involved in the crash. The elderly driver and his elderly wife were both taken to nearby hospitals for treatment but the man’s injuries were too extreme and he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The woman survived with unspecified injuries and her condition at this time remains unknown.

Only the driver was in the semi-truck at the time of impact and that individual refused medical help as did two people in the second car involved. No one has been cited in the incident at this point in time and the outcome of an ongoing investigation will determine whether any charges will be issued or whether other action will be taken.

Some elderly drivers are at an increased risk for being involved in a collision and most are more likely to be hurt when a crash actually happens. As anyone can be involved in a crash with an elderly driver, these issues are important to all that call Chicago home and should be known by anyone who may transit the roads on a regular basis.

Car accidents in Illinois prompt certain rights for victims that cannot be ignored or waived by those who cause a crash. Even if you are a passenger in the car of an at-fault driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries if a collision has affected your life.

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